Menu Plan Monday – Week 23

The Boy surprised me on Thursday and said he was coming home on Friday for a ‘few’ days. My heart sang as I really miss the kid.

So this weekend was busy and I made a LOT of stuff … and still, need to menu plan! I’m still trying to use what we have, however, there was a few extra stops at The Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Aldis. Oh. And Publix. Yikes. My food budget is shot for the month, needless to say.

Sunday – Hoagies – had some super delicious sub rolls from the Fresh Market, shredded up iceburg lettuce, sliced up mini peppers, opened up some pickle slices and banana peppers, pulled out ham, turkey and salami from Costco’s previous trip and pulled a bag of pepperoni from the fridge. Cheese from Aldis and we were good to go (I ate mine on a biscuit made with almond flour … post coming soon, promise!)

Monday – Pizza (freezer) for the kids and super salads for me & Hubby

Tuesday – Mexican feast night … tacos with all the fixins and some guac on the side for me (I will have a taco salad)

Wednesday – may be a night out but I’m not sure so I will plan on leftover (pasta from Saturday?)

Thursday – Going to experiment with the Bubba Burgers … I most likely will have tuna salad

Friday – it’s the 15th and was hoping to have a Happy Hour but as someone else pointed out, going in to the Father’s Day weekend. I’m still trying to figure that comment out? 🙂 Anyways, snacky type things, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, perhaps a little lunchmeat platter with mini rolls and a fruit platter for the kids (ok, NOT kids, they are 19 and 21) … I plan on keeping my alcohol intake to a minimum as I really don’t want to be hungover AND I am trying to treat my body kinder 🙂

Saturday – Going to leave this open for Hubby and the kids to decide. I need a break!

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