Getting Caught In The Wind

We’ve had that storm, DEBBIE off the west coast for oh, what, 5 days or so? Luckily (for me), I live in SOUTH Florida so we got all the rain and stuff on Saturday and Sunday as she went north … still getting a few rain bands here and there but nothing like those up in the Panhandle.

But that’s not what this is about!

Friday, met my dad at the doctors to discuss his sudden weakness and inability to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. Odd. She told us to go the ER and have him checked out.

Honestly? I was perturbed. Come on Dad, tough it up and just do it. I know. Sad. But I was having a rough week at work, busy and well, this just was NOT fitting into my plans.

So off we went to the ER. They ran every test possible on him. Admitted him as his blood pressure was a constant 224/156. Not good. His INR (from blood thinner) was at 4.6, so even if he was suffering a stroke, not so sure they could have done anything.

So I got home at 1pm. Following day, call the hospital. They are moving him to the cardiac ward, just to keep an eye on him. Suspected TIA, which would be his sixth in as many months. Not good at all.

So I called my sister, just to give her a heads up since she’s in Missouri. Later that afternoon, she calls me back to tell me she will be flying in at 11pm. OH. I’ve not seen my sister in about 15 years (long story, drama involved) and was rather EXCITED but not so much … I’ve got a lot of stuff going on.

It’s good to see my sister. Even better to see my sister and dad interacting. I never thought I would see that again (family drama was heavily involved in the past 15 years) …

My dad was moved to an Acute Rehabilitation hospital last night. He’s doing well and I believe he will most likely be back to walking with his wheely walker within the next week. Hopefully, at that time, he will be able to go back to his ALF …

So needless to say, no meal plan this week. Hubby is in Texas, Sonny Boy went back to Orlando on Sunday and Princess is working like crazy. I’m swamped at work and it’s just a tad stressful … but it will all be ok.

So, tell me, how is YOUR week going??

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2 thoughts on “Getting Caught In The Wind

  1. My week started out by working 40 hours already by Monday,(our pay week starts every Friday.)Then I had to get ready for my husband to have surgery on Friday, and trying to plan to get off a few days of work,(which was a feat in itself.) We will never get our house up for sale at this rate!


  2. I found you from Nature's Nurture and I love your Mayo recipe. My week has been less stressful but still pretty busy. I'm no south Florida so we didn't see such drastic weather ans our northern neighbors. My garden is happy from the rain we had. At least next week is a short week with July 4th right smack dab in the middle!


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