Menu Plan – Week 34

Can someone check and see if that’s REALLY the right week? Hello? Ummm….never mind …

We got Sonny Boy back to Orlando on Saturday. Fortunately, I didn’t become a weeping mess, probably because I was physically exhausted. He had requested the THIRD floor apartment (to eliminate bug issues AND to avoid the party noise on lawns) and well, NO ONE apparently took in to consideration the fact that we had to climb three flights of stairs for each box to move … good grief Kid!

Then his girlfriend, she lives on the 2nd floor of another building (same complex) … and being a girl, had like, 10 times the amount of stuff, so climbing up and down to her apartment was probably worse than his. Needless to say, I believe I got my exercise in for the day.

So, now, we are flat broke, boy-less and can get back in to our usual food groove. Thank you God!

Unfortunately, as we were unloading the quick grocery stop (brisket and taters for Sunday’s dinner), I noticed a puddle of oil … sure enough, the tahoe was 2 quarts low and we definitely blew something on the way home … yikes. So there it sits for now, and I’m sure my wonderful bonus from last week is going towards this. Much as I had hoped I could put that in the no-touch savings (and boost the account from $60 to $1060) … it’s not going to happen.

Still working on the freezers and WOW, we are really starting to see gaps here and there. Of course, I bought about 10 lbs of b/s chicken breast because it was $1.39 a pound which is an EXCELLENT deal and well, we eat alot of chicken around here!

Sunday – picked my Dad up at noon and we were eating by 3pm … beef brisket, mashed taters and gravy and green beans … beef and taters were purchased, the rest came from freezer/fridge/pantry.

Monday – I’m thinking some shrimp since the allergy-laden with shellfish issues kid is out of the house. How about some bangin shrimp? Going to be slightly modified to eat the ‘new’ way. All ingredients are on hand.

Tuesday – Stir fry chicken with some cauliflower, I can’t believe it’s not rice (recipe will be posted this week AFTER I try it and can say that. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower!). Most likely will use boneless skinless chicken thighs as I have quite a few of those still in freezer. Everything else is on hand (including a head of cauliflower which I have 2 of hanging around in the guest fridge)

Wednesday – Would like to think DATE NIGHT but I doubt it … need to be saving our pennies. Wedge salad (providing the iceburg is still alive and well) … otherwise, cobb salad … all ingredients on hand … if not I will have to improvise!

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – grillin and chillin … chicken with veggies … may need to get some peppers by this time which is fine … I will stop at the produce market if I do … much cheaper than the $3.79/lb for red/yellow/orange peppers. Geesh.

Saturday – I’ve got a couple of pork tenderloins hangin out in the freezer that I’d like to cook up … maybe some Island Pork or Sweet and Spicy stuff? Need to pick up a mango or two if I do 🙂 Guess I better decide by Friday night! Of course, if we go boating, all bets are off, and would be best to stick something in the crockpot to eliminate the slightly sunburned, slightly hungover and way too tired to cook mode … back up plan could be pulled bbq pork and a coleslaw if I can find a recipe that I like!

What do you have on the menu this week?

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