Making Time

Hubby is off to Vancouver (he said his hotel is right on a Marina and absolutely beautiful), and I was recovering from the Girls Night Friday night …. we behaved ourselves for the most part, only made 3 batches of the Fresh Fruit Margaritas, 1 pumpkin head beer, 1 Miller Lite and 1 lemon drop … I was hoping everyone else fared as well in the end and the ones that called were doing ok. Whew.

So, I balanced my dads bank account, called the little bank in Porter Indiana and had an absolutely fit about their fees they’ve started charging him with no notice. So now he’s overdrawn by $4 which means, they charged another $33 and THEN again $33 for being overdrawn for 5 days. Thankfully, they are reversing the overdraft fees which puts him back up again. Whew. Was not prepared to spend MORE money this month on living expenses.

Saturday was the first official day of just ME … so I planned on making time for ME.

The kitchen floor was already mopped and dry … the oranges, limes and lemons were rather juicy and well, we just weren’t super careful as we cut the flesh away to toss in the vitamix!

I had my shrimp out defrosting and the movie 300 waiting to be watched. Princess had to work this evening so this is PERFECT me time…yippee!

I debating on going shopping … the thrift store first and then Target … but really, probably not … but I did, and figured I’d squeeze a quick visit in with my dade, which would mean THEN I have to stop at a grocery store to get him a loaf of bread, oj, and a few other snacky type things to tide him over. I don’t know WHY I buy him bread every week, he eats a slice or two, yet always tells me to get him a loaf … I suppose it’s more habit for him, and I want him to have fresh bread if he NEEDS to make himself a pb&j sandwich for blood sugar issues.

You do know, life NEVER goes as planned.

I did a few errands, spent a little too many dollars and my phone was ringing as I got ready to head in to Wally-World. Ummm…Hello Ms. Physical Therapist for my dad.

Long story a tad shorter? He was doing all the physical therapy stuff they do all the time … but when it was time to stand up and walk, he had zero feeling in his legs and feet, and could not make his legs move. Huh. Yeah, and his left foot showed a foot drop, it’s normally just the right foot.

So off to the hospital he goes (the preferred one, thankfully) … and from 2pm to 8pm, they ran all kinds of test, and slowly, the feeling (and pain) came back … Dr. Perez (hunky looking doctor, I might add) came in, asked a bunch of questions about living environment, nursing care, mobility, and past neuropathy issues.

See, basically, his neuropathy is just going to keep getting worse. Said it will continue and yes, somedays, will be more painful than others, he will be able to use his legs and feet better than others, and well, the only thing you can do is exactly what he’s doing, physical therapy.

And then they released him. He was able to stand up and get in the SUV. Amazing. Same with getting out. But weak and shaken up. AND no pain meds. All I can say is Thank God these doctors see the issues with pain medication and older people. OH! He also was concerned about the lack of blood thinner. Plavix is NOT enough given his past history. So he put him back on that again, which is a hot topic for me … and me and his primary doctor will be happy that a 3rd doctor is overruling the cardiologist who had no clue of the medical history.

So there you have, day 2 and it was EXCITING. Sunday? Hoping for some pool time and cooking!

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