Menu Plan – Week 43

Not a whole lot going on this week, so to speak. I do have to work and I will be busy but do not foresee anything popping up and ruining potential meal plans!

Hubby is home, thankfully. So I will need to be back on track, cooking things that he enjoys too.  I will hold off on any major full meal plan changes until after Halloween … I’m playing with the idea of doing a real, whole food menu plan for 3 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. I just don’t know if he will hop on willingly … he’s sort of set in his ways with food …

I am still going to try and use what we have on hand, for the most part … but I also need to hit up Doris Italian Market for the $1.69/lb boneless skinless chicken breast, Winn Dixie has 80/20 ground beef for $2.49 (um, yes, I HATE Winn Dixie, but still, that’s a GREAT price) and I’ve not bought any veggies this weekend yet … so there will be a few small stops Monday and Tuesday, shooting for about $40 or so…

So here you have it, my plan for the week …

Sunday – Chili … my start on Hubby and whole food. He didn’t ask about the beans, and hardly crabbed about the chunky tomatoes and DID ask about the color

Monday – leftover stuffed chicken and rice (Hubby made this Saturday, I will skip rice and have fresh veggies)

Tuesday – I found a LOT of shrimp still in the main freezer, so Bangin Shrimp. Honestly, I’m going to use the stuff that’s already cooked

Wednesday – Cobb Salad OR Wedge Salad, can’t make up my mind

Thursday – leftover chili

Friday – Blackened Chicken sandwich (I will have mine as a salad)

Saturday – Halloween party night … we will have a small group of friends meet at our house and then walk to Shooters … of course, Hubby will insist that we have food to feed them, so thinking of some snacks … this is pretty open and will most likely include SOME prepared foods and some made from scratch foods … and most likely a shrimp cocktail since I have a lot of shrimp in the freezer to eat!

What are you planning on cooking this week? I’m linking up with Menu Plan Monday … lots of others link up and can be a great site for inspiration!

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