Menu Plan – Week 44

Note: I had this post all ready to go Sunday but got sidetracked with my list … then Monday came around and it was time for the every few week visit to the hospital with my dad (he’s ok, I think, migraine headache and blurry vision but nothing is visible so far on cat/mri and such).

It’s Sunday and time to put up the menu plan for the week …

BUT … I’m dragging today … too much fun Saturday night, and this old girl is paying the price … should had a bottle of water instead of that last beer at 1am … live and learn, I suppose.

Not a whole lot of stuff going on this week that I know of … hoping to keep the meals under control and stay focused on the following:

Healthier choices AND frugal choices.

Doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? Yeah, right. I know …

So in my attempt to keep using up what we have (which is starting to show slim pickins in areas … like chicken …), here’s what I’m planning ….

Sunday – leftovers from Saturday nights chow, sliders on potato rolls (yeah, I ate them), fresh veggie platter and the Asian slaw

Monday – chicken with peppers and onions (stirfry like?) with, hopefully, some I Can’t Believe It’s NOT Rice stuff (honestly, still perfecting it and I will post it once it’s ready!) Hubby made dinner since I was at the hospital til 9:30pm … he made a delicious Alfredo sauce with the some scallops and shrimp from the freezer and served it over fettuccine. Yes, it’s something that I should not be eating … but it was damn good

Tuesday – chicken cesar salad

Wednesday – soup as it’s suppose to be getting “chilly” around here, so thinking of potato soup (I have that half bag of diced hash browns in freezer, will reduce recipe by half) … we will get a few trick or treaters, I think but with the front light being taken out by a rogue palm frond during the storm, not sure anyone will venture up the front walk …

Thursday – Salad of sorts … could just be a cobb salad

Friday – chicken (thighs) and veggies on the grill

Saturday – Hubbys choice, I’ve got some nice NY Strips in the freezer to use up

I am really needing a good chicken sale. I’ve got a few coupons to be used here (free rotissieie chicken at Whole Foods, $2 off rotissierie chicken from Winn Dixie to use at Publix along with $2 off frozen stuff from Whole Foods) … and would like to just keep the shopping to a minimum as I’ve spent alot of money these past few days with stuff for my dad …

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan – Week 44

  1. I'm visiting from Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday today.Glad to hear your father is alright. I took advantage of an amazing chicken sale at Von's. Our freezer is so full. Looks like there's going to be some amazing meals this week. Happy Halloween!


  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Looks like my menu plan may NOT stay intact the full week as things are changing with dad … I DID finally cave and stopped at Costco (2 miles from hospital) and picked up some frozen chicken at $2.25 per pound. Not a deal but better than regular store prices.


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