Menu Plan – Week 50

I know, I know, I didn’t post the menu plan last week … I had it all cued up to go and well, life got a little busy …

Monday was back to work and busy
Tuesday was up at the crack of dawn as Hubby flew out to Oklahoma AND it was my dad’s birthday … so  went to see him after work.
Wednesday was Sonny Boy’s 20th birthday (gasp!)
Thursday was a late day in the office
Friday was the day Hubby came back and we put lights up on the front of the house and fence AND then my girlfriend showed up around 10pm … walked her home finally at 3am (yes, I am a little too old to be doing this stuff), she remembered it was the 1 year passing of my mom … I tried to forget it
Saturday was Princess 22nd birthday … had another couple over for dinner and served 6 people Chicken Piccata … it was a hit but another late night, 2am. Yes, I AM way too old for this.

So I said I need to make sure to post the menu plan this week and STICK with it …

Sunday – leftover chicken piccata and cesar salad (I bypassed the pasta this evening)

Monday – Smokey Crock of Pork (made on Sunday) 

Tuesday – Cobb Salad

Wednesday – thinking out with Hubby and our friend who has a birthday on 12-12-12 (! How cool!)

Thursday – Potato Soup (crockpot)

Friday – Sausage and potatoes … this is like Hubby’s favorite comfort food … and we need an easy night to prep for ….

Saturday – Boat Parade party …. spinach dip, snausages, lasagna tray, cheese and crackers, shrimp platter, and chips and dips stuff …

I am a little excited for the boat parade party … we missed it last year as my mom passed suddenly that Wednesday before the party … so a few friends are really gunning for us to do a party … nothing fancy, and probably under 20 people … will cheat and do a frozen lasagna tray, my favorite shrimp is on sale again, have everything on hand for the spinach dip AND I want to try this new Vidalia Onion dip …

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