Menu Plan – Week 1

Yup, I started over … this would have been Week 53 but it’s a new year, and well, I want a NEW start!

So … whats the deal, you ask? I’ll tell you all about it …

I am going to continue trying to use what we have on hand. Yes, I do go to the grocery store, weekly, every 10 days, sometimes every 2 weeks. I ALSO shop at Costco every 4, 6, 8 weeks or so.

But by menu planning, I at least have an idea of WHAT to make at any given time. Because when I do the plan, I mentally (and sometimes even write it in) what is where in the house (freezer, pantry, fridge) or if I specifically need to pick it up.  With the Fiscal Cliff stuff and the new year tax potential issues, it will be even MORE important, in my opinion, to properly plan …

I need to get back on track with the Sunday prepping for the week. I’ve fallen off that for the month of December so in my attempt to get back on track in more ways than one, I prepped a little today even though I’ve got a reduced work week ahead of me (half day or so Monday and off Tuesday) … so I boiled a dozen eggs, made some mayo, and I was going to do the Salads in Jars (which I just ordered 12 wide mouth quart jars, $22, way more than I thought they’d be), but got side tracked with laundry.  I really need to get the three fridges cleaned out and the freezers organized too, which will help me along with the 2013 Grain Free plan I’m working towards.

Sunday – leftovers, still. Was hoping to convince Hubby to make a modified shepards pie to use up the balance of the ham and mashed taters but we ended up just eating whatever looked appealing in the fridge.

Monday – we are hosting a small New Year’s Eve gathering so appetizers: meatballs (f), will need to pick up rotel if Hubby wants to do spicy, spinach dip (f and p), probably will do warmed since I did cold for the Boat Parade party, warmed onion dip (f and p), cheese (fridge) and crackers (pantry), chips (pantry) and dip (from scratch), veggie platter (fridge).  I also have some shrimp in the freezer that I may bring out for a shrimp cocktail. I may also do a meat platter with lunchmeat that I have on hand (costco). Of course, Hubby wants to do something totally different and time consuming, like, grill a beef tenderloin … doh, nooooo.

Tuesday – whew. It’s officially 2013. Time to become accountable and snap pics of ALL my receipts … hoping that I won’t be hung over today and hoping to make chicken parmesan. I have everything on hand. I am planning on making a batch of chili too for lunches this week.

Wednesday – I’m jonesen to make this onion soup so tonight will be soup and sandwiches (for Hubby) … the soup recipe is so simple and I have everything on hand, sandwiches will be with lunch meat (fridge) and bagels

Thursday – Thai’ish shrimp salad (will need to pick up coleslaw but rest on hand)

Friday – end of the FIRST week of the New Year and well, it’s going to be Chicken and Veggies on the grill. Chicken in freezer and plenty of veggies in fridge.

Saturday – Hubby’s call … may have friends over Friday or Saturday so things COULD change out …

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan – Week 1

  1. MPM definitely keeps me on track. I actually look forward to Mondays!This New Year's Eve, I'm staying home, cleaning our house and doing some blog visiting. Hubby had to work so it will be quiet.Your menu plan looks delicious.Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!


  2. I'm nervous with taxes going up; our paychecks will be at least $80 less. AGH! That's a large shopping trip for me, a week's worth of food. I decided to plan for 2 weeks at a time, hoping to spend less on gas for the car and keep driving to a minimum. I'm stopping by from Menu Plan Monday! 🙂


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