Week 7 Menu Plan

Another week into the year … are you all as amazed as I am that time is flying by?? It’s a little unsettling, quite honestly.

Anyways … Hubby is traveling Monday and Tuesday and gets home on Wednesday, which means … I get to make all the things I LOVE that he’s not a fan of … you know, mango inspired stuff ;-D

And then Sonny Boy comes home Thursday and will stay through until Sunday … so I’m excited about THAT … 

Still using what we have on hand and really want to cut back on grocery spending this month after the start off with $175 plus out the door … I’m actually quite certain that it was more than that … so I plan to dig deep in the freezers and create some miracles … hey, it can happen … coming down with this respiratory bug on Thursday and still lingering 4 days later has helped keep me out of the stores … this past week … 

Sunday – leftover chops and Hubby whipped up a little pasta dish on the side for him as he’s suddenly become a firm believer in STARCH. Uggg.

Monday – Thai Style Shrimp – first mango inspired dish … Princess will probably be home … shrimp in freezer, produce stuff in fridge and picked up over the weekend (will stop by Whole Foods and get mango and avocados and cabbage)

Tuesday – Evil Jungle Steak Salad – second mango inspired dish. Steak in freezer, veggies in fridge and picked up over the weekend (I’m so excited, this will have mango AND avocado!). I may make a Costco run after work … we shall see (steak is in the freezer, already cooked)

Wednesday – Hubby home so the mango recipes have been put away til next time … smokey crock of pork … one last hunk of pork in the freezer to toss in the crockpot … (will pick up buns from Costco/store and use leftover cabbage from Monday. Pork in freezer)

Thursday – Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m really at a loss here as to what to make … since the Boy makes his appearance today and Princess will be here, I may just go ahead and do Pizza and call it a day … the pizza will come from Costco, $5.99 for a large pepperoni, pick up two and douse the other one with veggies for Hubby and I

Friday – Girls night out for Prickly Pear Margaritas and birthday celebrations … food? What food? Hubby will have something whipped up for when I come home … him and Sonny Boy may even decide to do a fry fest this evening with the new fryer … we’ve got lots of fry-ready foods in the freezer

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … as always, Friday and Saturdays normally have friends stopping in so anything goes … may lean on him for steaks from the freezer for a good meal with the Boy.

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4 thoughts on “Week 7 Menu Plan

  1. Your mango dishes look really good. I am always looking at the mangoes in the store but am not a good judge of how to tell which ones are ripe. They aren't in our stores very long either as I'm in the Midwest. Do you have any tips?


  2. You know, I live in Florida and would be more than willing to come over and try your mango dishes!They look delicious.


  3. come on over and I'll fix you a plate 🙂


  4. I'll be honest in that I usually ask the produce guy if they have any precut and packaged … I hate dealing with the slimy/sticky things and the pit … but all you do is look for ones that are soft, but not so soft that your finger will push through the skin … they are just a hassle with all the juice that comes out when you cut them open and they get REAL slippery (and borderline dangerous!)


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