Week 11 Menu Plan

Here we are … another Monday and another Menu Plan.

I didn’t stray too far last week and instead of going out we opted to order pizza.

Apparently my taste buds are changing because yet again the pizza was mediocre…so maybe this change in eating is a good thing? That’s sort of a dumb thing to say since I know the benefits already.

The white kitten is still here. Still actively looking for a home. Her and Kitty Kitty do NOT get along at all. It was the kitten in beginning but now it’s Kitty Kitty being the aggressor. Hate hearing the kittens shrieks. :*(

Ok…you came for the menu..not cat problems!

Sonny Boy is back at school. We drove him up Sunday morning. After stopping for something to eat on the way there, and then doing a massive Publix shop to fill his fridge and pantry and then chilling for a few minutes with his roommate, we turned around and headed back home. Left at 9:45am and got home at 7:30pm.

My shoebox is holding 3 1/2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken thighs and I believe 4 new York strips. Had hoped to make steaks Saturday night but we did a fry fest instead.

I have a LOT of stuff in the house and should be able to make do without a trip to the store … I’d like to avoid it at all costs since the Boy had a pretty hefty bill at Publix …

Ready for the menu?

Sunday – fend for yourself … I had an orange (from the vendor on the side of Highway 520) and Hubby had leftovers

Monday – Caesar Chicken Salad

Tuesday – Ranch Steaks and veggies (fresh green beans)

Wednesday – leftovers steak and chicken with grilled veggies

Thursday – stuffed peppers … yet again these are on the menu!

Friday – chicken and veggies on the grill

Saturday – hubbys choice

Looks to be a sort of laid back week..

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