Making Do … NOT Packaged Onion Soup Mix

… so here I was, again, making these Salisbury Steaks in the crock pot, only instead of 7:30am on a Wednesday, it was 8pm on a Tuesday … don’t ask, things sometimes just don’t go according to plan, and well, the beef just was not going to wait for much longer!  So I figured, heck, I’ll make them overnight, and then just reheat them gently for dinner on Wednesday … sounds like a pretty good plan, don’t you think?

Eh … where’s that envelope of onion soup mix I bought a few weeks ago … HONEY? HONEY-POO? YO, MARK!!!!!
Really.  Really?
Sometimes I hate sharing space with Hubby in the kitchen … he uses things and then doesn’t tell me that it was the L A S T one … powdered onion soup mix THIS week … just like the LAST time!
Thankfully, we have Google … or rather, in MY case, Swagbucks
Stayed with the all time, simple site and recipe, and of course, mixed it up MY way:

2 1/2 tbs dried minced onions
1 tsp onion powder
dash of dried parsley
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
2 packets of dried beef bouillon
1 cube of beef bullion
*the packets were 1 cup each and the cube was 2 cups, you need 4 cups worth total*

So…mix it all up in a bowl and use it the way you normally would a packet …

Saved my butt, that’s all I can say for the day!  I’ve never seen them but there MUST be low sodium, salt free beef bouillon crystals/cubes/powder out there, don’t you think? Let me know if you’ve seen them so I can look a little more closely!

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1 thought on “Making Do … NOT Packaged Onion Soup Mix

  1. I love using Onion Soup mix for dip and roasted potatoes. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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