Week 19 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

It’s that time again … Menu Planning!

Today’s my birthday … and I am so paying the price for celebrating it LAST NIGHT … ugggg … but I still must put together a menu so I at least have some kind of clue what to make this week!

I am tempting myself with doing a 3 day detox … what better time than after a 3 hour cooking class where I drank a whole bottle of wine, then 4 beers and 2 lemon drops and dancing til 2:30 in the morning … I’m quite certain my body would love for me to give it a cleaning! … Yes, seriously. Dr. Oz … here I come … That link will take you to the sheet for the smoothies … and hey, even better, I will FINALLY give the Vitamix a workout! I have everything except the kale, flaxseed and almond milk. I will eliminate the flaxseed I think (wait, maybe I do have some? now I need to go look!) and the almond milk I will try to make and the kale, well, I have a ton of spinach and wonder if I couldn’t just swap that out instead? I’ll see … 

Ok, here’s the menu for the others in the house:

Sunday – Recovery mode still … I had leftover donuts the kids bought for birthday brunch, Hubby had leftover Chicken Parmesan and Sonny Boy and Princess scrounged around and found something.

Monday – I will be drinking a lovely (I HOPE!) smoothie, Hubby and Sonny Boy will have Cobb Salads

Tuesday – Again, I will have the lovely smoothie, Hubby and Sonny Boy will have pasta with red sauce (from the freezer) (and strangely enough, I need MORE tomatoes)

Wednesday – here’s to hoping I will still be drinking a lovey smoothie, the LAST ONE. Hubby and Sonny Boy will have … something … I’m not quite sure what … they should probably just go out to eat as I’m not going to want to make anything! Just saying!

Thursday – from what I understand, I will be wanting to CHEW food so I am going to give this recipe a shot … Holy Yum Chicken … I’ve had it pinned for quite some time and now is the time to give it a try!

Friday – Oh, I don’t know … something delectable and easy, hopefully 🙂  Most likely grill related, burgers would be a safe assumption to make!

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … steaks? chicken? We have both in the freezer … 

I really need to just keep shopping to a minimum … this past 3 weeks have shelled over $1000 out of my bank account between Kitty Kitty’s nail issue, then him getting sick, then Kitten getting fixed and HER issues, and then home owners and wind insurance for $4000 …. I’m flat broke again in the sense that I don’t want to see my bank account go down any further!

The ingredients needed for the 3 day detox can be expensive, but luckily, I have alot of the stuff in the freezers and fridge … I may have to buy mangos, if I do, I will pick up the kale too … but lemons, limes, berries, cukes, celery and such, I have all those, thankfully!

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