Week 20 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

ahhh… I am running a bit late this week, aren’t I? But don’t worry, there IS a menu plan in place, just been hectic and well, the blogging had to be put on a hold for a few days …
Hoping you all had a wonderful Mothers Day … I spent the majority of the day floating in the pool while Hubby and Sonny Boy went shopping for a “new” car for Sonny Boy … they found one and by the time they got home, I was a little toasted, both from the sun and the mimosas and beer 🙂 … so they opted to take me out to get my favorite food, Bacon Blue Cheeseburger and fries at the Oceans Grill … I can’t help it, sometimes I’m so simple 🙂
Busy week at work, my dad gets out of rehab on Friday (hopefully!) and I will need to pick him up and take him back home AND Sonny Boy is STILL here … so here’s the plan!
Sunday – OUT …
Monday – leftovers for all … need to clear the fridges out, way too many leftovers!
Tuesday – both kids were home, so we opted to go ahead and do burgers and hot dogs with FRIED PICKLES … I need to get pics so I can post the recipe! (This was to have been Sunday’s dinner but … well, I was in no mood to participate in kitchen festivities!) Meat was in the freezer, pickles in the pantry  as were a few buns … good to go!
Wednesday – SUBS … only because I have lunch meat and sub rolls to use up … I will have a deli roll up

Thursday – Balsamic & Rosemary Chicken … only because I need to trim my rosemary plant and I have chicken in the freezer! Sonny Boy will have to be on his own at that point!
Friday – Really want to make some fish stuff this week, like shrimp, so going for Bangin Shrimp again … Sonny Boy will have to relocate to the other side of house as he gets hives if anything touches him … I have everything on hand except the coleslaw

Saturday – I’m leaving this open for Hubby to make his choice … I STILL have steaks in the freezer and would REALLY like to make a nice steak some day soon!
It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had friends over for dinner, oddly enough. Hoping that Friday or Saturday we will … I enjoy having friends over for great food … I have plenty of shrimp and steaks to share! 
What are YOU making this week?
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