Week 35 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Entering Week 11 of the Unemployment Adventures. NOW things are starting to get a little exciting around here … might just be because the vacation is over and now reality is setting in?

Anyways … it’s back to me & Hubby for the most part at dinner … occasionally Princess will show up, but she is generally working evenings. This means I can pretty much plan whatever we want to eat!


Grocery shopping wasn’t over the top this past week … Publix one day for $25, another day for $30, and then Costco for $400 (but I had paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.) and then Aldis fro $50. Ok. So it was a lot, afterall.

Hubby is still on the quest to clean the freezers. I really wanted to get at least one organized over the weekend, but that didn’t happen … maybe this weekend coming up (3 day weekend!)

Here’s what we got planned:

Sunday – turned into a lazy evening and we ended up eating leftovers, and black cherry frozen yogurt.

Monday – Tuna salad in baby romaine leaves (it’s been a long time since I’ve made tuna, pretty tasty!)

Tuesday – Ranch Chops in the Crockpot (chops were bought at Costco, rest in pantry)

Wednesday – chili or tacos … not sure yet which way I want to go with it 🙂 (ground beef in freezer)

Thursday – yum yum chicken (thighs in freezer)

Friday – I’m thinking keep it simple as it’s a 3 day weekend that could be lots of grillin and chillin … may just fire up some Aidells’s chicken sausage with bacon and mushrooms (freezer)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … most likely seafood related as we still have mahi mahi, snapper and grouper in freezer

What are you planning for the week??

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