Week 36 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Things “could” start to get a little exciting pretty soon around here as we enter Week 12 of Hubby’s unemployment … the end of this month is when his severance package ends AND we start to pay for COBRA insurance … ummm, $1500, I believe, a month, for the 4 of us. YIKES. Honestly, can NOT afford that, but yet, we also can not afford to go without coverage (specifically, that ‘gap’ period). So, I need to start inquiring with those around me that are self insured to see what they carry (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida comes up frequently) …

I made a budget for this month. And technically, I should have $300 to put in the savings account. Thank God for that as there isn’t a whole lot there right now.  I’ve allocated $600 for groceries, which, yes, that does seem awful high, but you know what? The grocery store is getting awfully high! Like, seriously. I’m going to list what I bought Saturday and you tell ME how the prices compare to where you are located. I’m curious. Milk, 2%, Publix brand, $3.99. Really.

I made up a batch of chili for the week on Saturday morning to be used towards this weeks lunches … I’m getting a little tired of salads 🙂

So … with the holiday weekend out of the way now (and we did have a bbq/pool party, using meat from the freezer) it’s time to get serious and focused!

Another thing … I’ve told Hubby I’d like to make September a dry month. Ahem. That means no alcohol. Uh huh. Shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Yeah, we will see about that!

Sunday – Pool/BBQ party … about 18 people total … fresh fruit margaritas, beer, smoked pork shoulder, inside out burgers (Princess bf did this), hot dogs, jalapeno chicken sausage (friend picked up at Whole Foods), shrimp pasta salad, oriental cabbage salad, carrots and celery sticks with a dairy free ranch dressing (watch for recipe!) and the usual chips and salsa assortment. The pork, beef, hot dogs, shrimp were from the freezer. I’m starting to see big gaps!

Monday- floated in pool for 2 hours and we just had leftovers. I’m looking forward to a chili cheese dog, frankly!

Tuesday – I’m sure there will still be leftovers, mostly pork, so pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw is the plan!

Wednesday – Out with my neighbor, he’s been asking to take me & Hubby out for a few months now, so I told him ok … I believe we are going for Greek!

Thursday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad

Friday – I’m really not sure for Friday and Saturday … I think I will keep these as Hubby’s choice … I know that we will have a few friends over tonight probably and try to keep Saturday as a date night for the two of us ..

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … although, I could push him to make some steaks in a hot (cast iron) skillet with some creamy blue cheese sauce … yummm …

What are YOU making this week?

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2 thoughts on “Week 36 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Before I pay the amount you mentioned for Cobra I would check out the new health care options…you can go on the website now and see what they are …I am quite sure they will be less than you are paying now. My husband was out of work for over a year and it was tough but we made it…prayers for you and your family. Terry


  2. BLT inspired Chicken Salad sounds and looks amazing. I love BLT's and Chicken Salad so this is a win/win meal for me! Thanks for sharing!


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