Week 37 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

And … Week 13 of Hubby’s unemployment …

The grocery shopping last week was pretty minimal, and actually, all of it was on the Sunday before Labor Day for the BBQ/pool party … I’m glad that I didn’t need to run in and pick anything up … we all know how that goes … 1 item ends up being 5 to 10 and $30 to $50 in minutes.

So … there will be a trip to Costco this week, most likely … a few things to pick up, lemons, limes, romaine lettuce and maybe ground beef and chicken breasts … and a few other things 🙂

I cleaned ONE shelf out in the pantry … what we call the “bread shelf” which houses the bread, buns, chips, crackers and other miscellaneous starchy, crap foods … because neither of us really eat a lot of bread, the stuff was starting to get a little funky so I tossed it … also found a bag of open cereal that Sonny Boy left here, open crackers that were stale, a few random open bags of chips with crumbs that got tossed too … The shelf is now looking pretty bare … and of course, Hubby requested a sandwich for lunch … Sorry dude, not happening!

Hoping to inventory at least ONE freezer this week since work is slowed down a bit … thankfully!

Here’s whats planned for chow this week, using what we have:

Sunday – leftover PF Changs (Saturday date night)

Monday – Crock pot Salisbury Steaks with ranchy carrots (new recipe to try) (ground beef in freezer, carrots in fridge, will use canned shrooms and all spices in pantry)

Tuesday – Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad (chicken in freezer, lettuce will be bought at store, dressing and cheese in freezer – may skip the pasta as we don’t have any and I really don’t want to buy any)

Wednesday – Tacos (taco salad for me) (ground beef in freezer, seasoning in pantry, salsa and fixins are in fridge already)

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Pan Seared Ribeyes with blue cheese and mushroom sauce (need to post that recipe!) (Ribeyes in freezer, will need to pick up blue cheese and fresh mushrooms at store)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice …

As always, we may have friends over either Friday or Saturday night so those menu choices are never firm …

What are YOU making this week? For more ideas, check out these great blog hops … Menu Plan, Organizing Junkie

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