Weekly Shopping – September 29th to October 5th

I’ve been making a conscientious effort this week to STAY out of the stores … Hubby has been doing great with using what we have, even if he’s not following the menu plan 100% … he’s make a great effort though, and for that, I am most appreciative 🙂

So, here’s how the shopping went:

ALDI (Monday, after getting my dad back home from hospital)
3 boxes lemon bars at 99 cents each
3 boxes brownie mix at 99 cents each
4 cartons organic chicken broth 1.79 each
3 boxes of tissues $1.19 each
jar of assorted peppers $1.19
2 bottle of brown mustard 89 cents each
2 containers of patriotic sprinkles 49 cents each
3 pks of mushrooms @ $1.29 each
head of iceburg lettuce $1.19
bag of almonds $4.29
3 lb packages of grass fed ground beef $4.49 each
2 pkgs sliced cheese $1.79 each
2 4 pks of chocolate shakes $3.19 each
2 pkgs of brown gravy mix 35 cents each
pkg of white bread 99 cents
pkg of hot dogs buns 89 cents
PLUS … $4.96 to cover the lady in front of me who was short on her ebt card (it was my good deed of the day)
Grand total $63.30

Then I stopped at Publix to pick up some rice for Hubby $3.34

Finished off the week on Friday night to make a beer run … and really, I suppose it should NOT be part of the grocery budget, but it is … Pumpkin Head, Corona and Coors Light $27.11

Saturday, I picked up a few things for my dad and tossed a few items in for me … do I include that? Sure, why not … a few peppers, sweet potatoes, green beans and tomatoes … figure $10

Not so very bad for the week … what do you think?

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