Week 41 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Week 17 of our Unemployment Adventures …

Hubby got his first unemployment check … woohoo, I suppose? 🙂 Yes … because that $275 a week will pay the mortgage, if nothing else!

I did a pretty minimal shop this last week … and would like to stay away from the stores this week too … however, boating on Sunday may require a trip to the store for a few last minute items … BUT, at the last minute on Saturday, AFTER  I posted my weekly shopping trips, we decided to go to the store as we were taking a boat trip on Sunday … we needed a few things, primarily, BEER and buns … the funny thing was, walking through the store, looking at stuff, Hubby said “no, we are on a budget now, you know?” That made me laugh! In a good way because I think it makes me realize that YES, he’s on the same page after all these years 🙂 … I am putting this trip on next weeks budget …

Since I spent $50 on Saturday night, I’d like to really stay away from the stores this week, ideally, keep it under $50 or so ..

OH … and THEN…Chatty Cathy has decided to come out to my house on Tuesday and Thursday to do a 3 to 5 mile walk with me along the ocean … um, ok. Please, be here by 6:30 so we can be done by 7:30 and you be on your way home by 7:45 … right? RIGHT.

Sunday – Leftover hot dogs and chicken sausage from the boat .. .we got home way later than I’d like for a Sunday, 7pm … so once I kicked everyone out, it was time to nuke the hot dogs and sausage … both meats were from the freezer, buns were bought, tater and mac salad bought, cukes and carrots from fridge

Monday – Ham & Cheese Sliders … been wanting to make these for so long … watch for MY version of the recipe! – Ham in fridge (deli) as is cheese. Buns were picked up at Costco a week or so ago.

Tuesday – chili cheese dog (hoping to have time to make chili for lunches this week, otherwise, canned stuff from pantry) – hot dogs in freezer, buns in pantry, cheese in fridge.

Wednesday – Chili and wedge salad – chili ingredients in freezer and pantry, iceburg lettuce in fridge, will give a shot at blue cheese dressing for first time to use up the last little bit of cheese we have

Thursday – Pork chops … I have some beautiful ones in the freezer. I may let Hubby do a stuffed chop, but then again, maybe not … rule is he has to use what we have on hand!

Friday – friends and family stuff tonight, I’m sure … most likely grillin and chillin, burgers or chicken, both of which I have in the freezer

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, depends if we have any friends over … may bully him into making the clam chowder again … if he does, will need to pick up more clams (canned) but the balance of ingredients are on hand already!

So … what are YOU planning for the week?

Looking forward to linking up with these great blog hops … go check them out! Menu Plan Monday, Pinning and Planning, Menu Plan

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