Week 52 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … entering Week 28 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures …

I’m trying to not to get nervous NOW but I can’t help it … I’m starting to feel anxiety about the new year and no job!  I need to stay calm, and positive … I’m working on that, honestly!

Fortunately, Sonny Boy was able to sublet his apartment to a student last week! Thank you God! That’s $600 that we no longer need to worry about each month … of course, with the National Budget issues, Hubby is apparently in line to potentially lose his unemployment benefits … which would really hit as that pays the mortgage and a few other things …


Ok … so here’s what we are looking at for the menu this week … there will be some shopping on Monday and Tuesday as I want to scoop up a few more good deals that are going on right now …

Sunday – blue cheese bacon burgers – burgers in the freezer, blue cheese and bacon in fridge, will make tater tots (freezer) and Sonny Boy picked up buns for me earlier

Monday – Chicken stir fry – chicken from freezer, veggies in fridge/freezer/pantry. I will use what we have on hand. Not sure if Hubby and Sonny Boy will want rice or not (although, I’d like to try the cauli-rice)

Tuesday – we would normally do a McD’s drive through (Christmas Eve tradition) but I think this year, we will skip that as I have to work til about 2pm or so probably (I’m slammed again at the office) … thinking of doing appetizers with cheese, crackers, deli meats, veggie tray, snausages (yes, again!) and onion dip … need to feel Hubby out and see what he thinks

Wednesday – Merry Christmas!!  We are leaning towards doing a big hunk of beef … pretty sad that 3 days away and we still have not made our decision 🙂 … that’s part of the reason that I will be hitting the stores Monday and Tuesday!

Thursday – leftovers, baby …

Friday – I believe our friends will be in town, so if that’s the case, we will grill something or another … Hubby’s choice

Saturday – pretty much a repeat of Friday, I’m sure 🙂 … whatever it is, I will make sure it’s from the freezer!!

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