Week 57 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … entering Week 33 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures.

Hmmm … that’s a little unsettling to see 33 weeks of being out of work.

I did a pretty big shop at Costco this past Friday night after work. Didn’t feel like I bought a lot of “food” so to speak, frozen fruit, yes, bratwursts, yes, hemp hearts, yes, eggs, bacon, and a few other odds and ends … but not a lot of food … hmmm

We are still doing a “pantry challenge” sort of. I suppose maybe I should be calling it a reduced spending challenge as that might be more appropriate?

So, continuing forward … here’s what we are planning for the week:

Sunday – Chopped Steaks with Mushrooms and Sauce … watch for the recipe this week! Beef from freezer (I think that’s the last package?) shrooms in fridge and the balance of ingredients from pantry/fridge

Monday – I was going to do salads tonight, but we have leftovers: pulled pork from Friday, steak from Saturday and chopped steak from Sunday (recipe coming this week hopefully!) … so leftovers it is tonight!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday keeps ringing in my ears so I think we will have Beef and Bean Enchiladas … I will need to by the ground beef (it’s on sale this day for $2.99/lb at Fresh Market, will probably by 10 lbs or so since the sale ends this day), shells, refried beans in pantry and cheese in freezer

Wednesday – Crock Pot day … I think it will be ranchy chicken since I have quite a bit of chicken!

Thursday – leftovers OR soup and and grilled cheese sandwiches in the waffle maker … our new favorite thing to do 🙂

Friday – Hubby’s choice … we have lots of chicken in the freezer, getting low on ground beef (unless I really do stock up on Tuesday …

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … can you believe today is the first day of February, 2014?? As tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, most likely will not really have any one over on Friday or Saturday as we may be hosting the Sunday event (no one discussed WHO was to host! That leads me to believe we will)

What are you planning for the week?  If you need ideas, go over to the Organized Junkie and check out her Menu Plan Monday bloghop!

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1 thought on “Week 57 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. We're using up what we have too! Only thing we need to buy this week is lettuce, tomato and bread! And that is an oober deal on the ground beef! It's a def stock up. I am visiting from MPM and love what I see… I invite you over to my coupon page, just search on facebook, HEB Clearance Junkie!


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