DIY – Fabric Freshner aka Febreeze

I myself have never purchased Febreeze for personal use, but when Princess was in boot camp, she begged me to send some for her boots and such. Apparently everyone used it during boot camp. So of course, being the good mom, I packed some up and sent it to her. Between the actual cost of the bottles (I bought 4) and the cost of shipping (the weight) it was probably the most expensive freshening stuff around! Too bad I didn’t have THIS recipe back then…

It’s a pretty easy thing to mix up and I’m pretty sure you probably have everything on hand to go make a batch right this very second!  I did!!

Here’s what you need:

2 tbs fabric softnener (Costco size/brand “refreshing scent”)
1 tbs baking soda (gosh, have I said how much I LOVE baking soda??)
2 cups warm water
Squirt bottle (16 oz size or larger) … check out your local dollar store, that’s where I got mine!

Ready? Ready.

Dump all in bottle.

Put on the top. Shake, shake, shake, shake shake shake, shake your bootie bottle till all mixed up. And well, here’s where I learned that the lid needs to be a cap as a little bit of pressure will build up and the nozzle will spray all over the laundry room (thankfully the wall and not my face!) … so keep that in mind 🙂

Go ahead, give it a try. I sprayed Kitty Kitty’s blanket that he lays on. Then I sprayed the purple chair that he lays on. Then I sprayed the carpet in Princess bedroom … and then I went and sprayed the cat perch where Little One hangs out for hours on end.

Ummm, I may be going a little overboard on the freshening stuff but hot diggity dog, I love this stuff!!

Just make sure you shake the heck out of it to mix it up before spraying again … otherwise you may be left with a little bit of white residue and someone may make a comment about calling the HazMat Team in …

FYI – there are some that say fabric softener is toxic, deadly,  and I can attest that we’ve used this for a few months and we are all alive, healthy and well. No adverse effects on this end.

Go ahead and mix some up!

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5 thoughts on “DIY – Fabric Freshner aka Febreeze

  1. I have found that taking the peels from lemons and oranges and covering them with white vinegar in a jar, let sit for a couple weeks, shaking the jar occassionally, about 4 times during the 2 week soak, then take out the peels, strain any bits out and use that as an odor out spray. I keep a spray bottle with the straight stuff under my kitchen sink and use it for cleaning up animal or kid messes and after frying food in the kitchen a quick spritz in the air takes a good chunk of the fry smell out. I have read where others do fifty fifty of the vinegar mix and water and say that work well too for cleaning and odor removal. I might give your recipe a shot as I found two bottles of fabric softener hidden behind the washer when I cleaned the laundry room this weekend. 😉 Apparently they are not getting used for softening fabric.


  2. ohhhh…I think I like that idea … I've got a whole slew of lemons to be used up soon so maybe I'll give that a shot too! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I just made my first batch of \”citrus vinegar\” and it really does smell good! I used it to clean the bathroom and it seemed to do a great job, though I wouldn't recommend it for glass/windows since it streaks from the orange oils. Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!


  4. I have used vinegar with lavender but I believe I will like the citrus.


  5. Great idea, I spend a ton on air fresheners and febreze, I have the worlds smelliest chocolate lab, who lays on everything and I am always worried that my house smells like dog. Will give your homemade version a try, thanks for sharing. Will keep in mind to get a bottle lid too for the shake-up.


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