Frugal Activities #10

I’m really enjoying this little weekly post … it keeps me accountable and makes me look back on the week and see where I might have went wrong overboard on my spending!

It was a pretty excited week in the household … Princess got her first “big girl” job working in an office … proud of her in that she’s going to be making $12 an hour plus overtime and full benefits … that’s a HUGE thing for her 🙂 … and then Hubby has been getting quite a few calls and emails throughout the week … fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe he will have to make a choice for who to work with 😉 …

Even with all that, we are still focusing on staying frugal and doing the best we can … and as always, some things ARE frugal, others, not so much …

Lets start off with some of the Frugal Activities we did this past week:

1. Hit up Costco Saturday morning. Ummmm…some of it was frugal (the lettuce, lunch meat, protein powder, 5 hour energy, etc. is dirt cheap compared to stores….but I bought too much stuff).

2.  Filled up tank Saturday at Costco. $3.45 as opposed to $3.59 and up elsewhere.

3.  Pulled out the last of the stuffed shells (7) that Hubby made during holidays … we used most of the sauce from last weekend … pretty much a ready made meal at no cost to us, basically!

4.  Made my breakfast and packed my lunch daily for work.

5.  Did my own nails again. I’m due to get my hair done soon. I have a day at the spa gift card that will give me massage, facial, mani/pedi and cut, style and color. Holding out as long as I can to do this so I can reap the benefits 🙂

6.  Finally went to the bank and deposited 3 paychecks. I also withdrew $200 for the groceries, gas and any other miscellaneous things to get me through the end of the month. I can do this!

7.  Didn’t argue with Hubby when he declined my offer to go out for Tuesday Margaritas and Tacos … instead opted to do same at home (it really SHOULD be just as fun, right?)

8.  Took my New to Me Bike for a 5 plus mile ride on Wednesday night … it’s so nice that it’s light out still when I get home from work!

 I just realized that I don’t post many pics or links to these posts … need to start doing that!
9.  Made more mayo and salad dressing … I’m getting very low on dressings in the pantry … as in NO ranch or blue cheese … guess we need to start making our own more often. That’s my goal anyways!

10. Made a Menu Plan and sort of stuck with it … I say the first part of at least putting it up is a good start … we didn’t do horribly bad until Friday, really.

And of course, full disclosure, some of our NOT so Frugal Activities:

1. Costco. Ok, I also have it up in the Frugal Activities BECAUSE some things are just way cheaper there that we use on a pretty consistent basis!  Other stuff, well, it’s not necessary but we like. My problem was bring the Boy along, sending him to get stuff with the cart while I looked at other stuff and saying “yes” a few too many times. Regardless, I don’t think anything will go to waste and there isn’t anything I bought that I wish I hadn’t but still, $600+ is quite steep. That would be why I stayed out of the grocery stores the rest of the week!

2.  Needed to get out of office one day so took a lunch and said I’d just browse at Ross … walked out with $80 worth of clothes (2 slacks, 6 tops, 2 workout bras). Already wore slacks and 2 tops this week so will keep those and the work out bras….will return 2 of the tops that don’t fit right. Not sure if this is so un-frugal or not. I need some new things BUT wanted to keep with thrift stores … but there isn’t anything close to the office and I refuse to do a thrift store on a weekend day (mass crowds and just don’t like to waste my weekend time shopping like ‘that’.

3.  Took out Princess, the Boy & g/f and Hubby to my favorite little bar and grill to celebrate the Princess getting a job … $131 and the kids paid the tip. Ummm…lets face it, beer and alcohol really add to a bill.

4.  $60 for to ginormous pizzas on Friday night … problem #1 was getting home from work 1/2 earlier and helped Hubby finish waxing one side of the boat … and before we knew it, 9pm, a few beers were drank, talked it up with a neighbor and realizing that I was starving and shortly, there would be 4 more people to feed … what else do you do besides order a pizza? NOT! The worse part of this is that I have a few easy pizza dough recipes I want to give a try! Uggg.

Those last 2 days were definitely budget killers … I used the cash I had taken out for groceries for the rest of the month … doh.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Activities #10

  1. Hi I've never posted before but have read your blog often. All I have to say is I think I'd fall over if I spent $600 at Costco! Ha Ha! OMG! What on earth did you buy? I think it's a lot when I spend over $100 in there at one time. I kind of stay away from Costco because I tend to overdo it (not as bad as you though!). Love your blog and wish I was in Florida. It's been a hell of a winter here in NJ. Hubby and I have spent 2 February's (last year and the year before) in Hollywood Beach, FL and loved it. Just to get out of here during the worst weather is heaven. Best wishes to you


  2. Yes, the trip was a little over the top, I listed what I bought here: … it's been hotter than normal … Hubby and I were wishing we were up in Indiana with all the awesome snow! Thanks for stopping by!


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