Week 69 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

After last week’s rant about the insurances and taxes we pay for the house, cars and boat, I’ve been thinking long and hard about our finances and what I can do to reduce our outflow of cash … Hubby started his new job a few weeks ago, thankfully, BUT it is for less money that he was earning previously AND now we look at the company insurance plan and think, wow, he really did have it made before … but then again, it’s a much smaller company so the insurance IS going to cost more.  We are leaning towards omitting the dental as we don’t ‘anticipate’ any type of major dental stuff and our dentist has a so-called self insured plan they offer, $99 a year for 2 cleanings, xrays and then 30% discount on any additional services. Hubby said we would be better off doing it that way instead of the $1200 a year for the company dental insurance.

Any way.

I’m going to sit down this week when Hubby’s out of town and re-work my budget.  I think I can get away with $30 to $40 for the next two weeks for groceries each week. Bread, milk, salad stuff, etc. I’m going to ditch the thought of buying 20 lbs of grass fed ground beef for $3.49 (sale this Monday and Tuesday) as the freezer is full (from Costco) and well, just because it’s a good deal doesn’t necessarily mean I need to buy it … I think I have plenty of ground beef anyways …

So with that … here’s what I’m planning for the week:

Easter Sunday – Spiral sliced ham (Costco), homemade mac & cheese, green salad, deviled eggs and I will most likely make a lemon cheese cake … all ingredients for everything are in house as I’m refusing to go shop over the weekend!

Monday – Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches (most likely a salad for me)

Tuesday – Hubby is out of town today … I want to re-work the budget this evening so will just make a nice big salad and use the rest of the Olive Garden dressing I made the other night …

Wedensday – Hubby out of town again today … thinking of Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing (leftovers will be great for lunch!)

Thursday – Hubby back home tonight. Looking at Crockpot Ranch Chicken and mashed taters and gravy (taters in fridge, gravy in pantry)

Friday – Chili Cheese Dogs … I will need to buy buns … hot dogs in freezer (last package I think?) and I believe I have canned chili in pantry (need to check!). Will serve with either French fries or tater tots (I know I have one or the other in the freezer)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … most likely something beef related 😉 and hopefully from the freezer!

What are YOU planning this week??

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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