How "Broke" Are You?

I was browsing around over at Budgets Are Sexy (because I’m learning they ARE) and sure enough, there was a link to click through for a quiz titled How Broke Are You? Of course I clicked through and took the test.

Apparently, I’m the exact opposite of broke and shouldn’t be taking the quiz.

Hrrmp … who would have thought?

My point, though, is NOT the fact that I’m not broke (I knew I wasn’t!) but more along the lines of I know what to do to remain Frugal, live within my means and not over extend myself.

Some of the questions on the quiz made me laugh.

Do I count my two grown kids as roommates? I should, huh? They are 21 and 23. Oh wait, they don’t really contribute MONEY to the household, so to speak. Hmmm….

My real point is that you don’t do stupid things with  your money.

First up, and the NUMBER ONE no-no: Do you overdraft your account once a month/week? HELLO?  What’s the going rate now for overdrawing? $30 or something like that? Yikes!

Then … do you really hit up the dollar menus weekly? Even at a dollar a piece, that’s a minimum of $2 a day (saying, if you ordered the burger and fry because the burger is just not a meal in itself) that’s $8 a month (IF you go once a week, not two or three like I’ve done occasionally!) … what does $8 a month do to your checkbook? NOTHING up front. But it’s the mindset that hits me the hardest. I think, the next day, “oh hell, might as well do that again since it WAS ONLY $2!” … there, now I’m at $16 for the month.

Which then leads to the grocery store … somehow, I’m not sure how, but once I let myself do that dollar menu thing, I start making bad choices at the grocery store one night after work … is it because I realize that I’ve sort of blown my self imposed budget by doing the easy way out for lunch? I think so …

Go ahead, take the quiz. Let me know how you scored!

*FYI … this is really a just for fun quiz.  The majority of the questions were intentionally meant to make you either cheap (not frugal) or money-dumb. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading MY blog if a lot of questions were checked off 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How "Broke" Are You?

  1. 7 out of 50 I shouldn't be taking the quiz it says. LOL


  2. Giggle … I know 🙂


  3. I took it and got 3 out of 50. They also told me I shouldn't be taking it. Ha ha It was fun to do though.


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