Week 80 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Sunday starts the Two (or longer) Week Freezer / Pantry Challenge … I’m a little excited to see how I do this time around!  If you are participating, make sure you follow along on Instragram #pantrychallenge … it’s always exciting 🙂

So seriously, after being sick for over 5 weeks (!!!) I think I am finally on the road to recovery. At least I have enough energy to tackle small projects whereas before, I’d be standing at the sink and just need to go sit down (being fatigued to that level is devastating, in my opinion) … I’m hoping that this last round of antibiotics and stuff have finally kicked whatever it was out of my system!

The last 2 weeks of Menu Planning have NOT been followed, it was the last thing on my mind, quite honestly! But with the 4th of July being over and done (first time EVER that we didn’t plan a big bbq and pool party) … Hubby did make me go out on the boat Saturday … just the two of us to Boca Lake. It was a quiet outing for us … the storms that came through cooled the air and made it much more enjoyable …

My sinuses finally opened up once we got out in the ocean … something about the fresh salt air is healing in itself …

Any way.  You were here for the Weekly Menu Plan, weren’t you? Sorry, I got sort of distracted 🙂

Here’s what I’m aiming for this week … fingers crossed that I will do way better than the past 3 weeks!

Sunday – leftover pulled bbq pork sandwiches (from Friday) with Hubby’s bbq sauce. Will also throw together a small batch of the oriental cabbage salad (still need to get THAT recipe up someday!) Cabbage is in fridge along with peppers, ramen and dressing ingredients in pantry. We used the Smoky Crock of Pork recipe … 

Monday – Tacos … will use the ground chicken (from freezer, last package), seasoning, shells in pantry and all the fixins are in the fridge, including jarred (!!) salsa. I will probably have either taco lettuce wraps or a taco salad

Tuesday – Philly Cheese Steak Peppers – peppers in the fridge, roast beef from freezer, mushrooms, onions and cheese in fridge

Wednesday – Chicken Ceasar Salad with Pasta … will use the Smart Chicken from freezer, salad fixins are in the fridge (not sure about dressing, pantry or fridge?) and pasta from pantry (one of 4 or so boxes!)

Thursday – Tuna Melts … using the Tuna Salad Recipe from Tequila Friends … afterall, there were 19 CANS of tuna and 7 envelopes on one shelf. That’s a lot of tuna, isn’t it?? Tuna from pantry, as is bread (hopefully!) and cheese, mayo, other stuff in fridge

Friday – Pizzas (1 pepperoni and 1 margharita) on the grill … pizza dough in freezer, pepperoni, tomatoes, sauce ingredients in pantry, cheese in fridge.  I need to remember to completely make certain that the dough is brushed well with olive oil BEFORE I put it on the grate (don’t ask why I am reminding myself of this)

Saturday – tonight is Meet and Greet for the Parents. We are having the Princess boyfriends parents over for dinner. They will bring fresh mahi mahi that was caught a few weeks ago. We will serve up bruchetta (ciabatta rolls in freezer, cheese in fridge tomatoes will be picked up this week), yellow rice with olives and red peppers (pantry and fridge), and I’m trying to think of a simple dessert/sweet item that I can make with what we have. I also have a few nice bottles of wine that I might bring out to share 😉

Are you doing a Pantry Challenge this year?  And if so, what are YOU going to be feeding your people??

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Go check it out!

1 thought on “Week 80 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Thanks for sharing your menu! Your Chicken Caesar Salad with Pasta is going on my \”must try\” list.


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