Menu Plan Week 81 – Using What We Have

And the first week of the Pantry Challenge is down with week two beginning … fortunately, Hubby is traveling Monday thru late Thursday evening so I can probably skip the whole store thing this week! Well, as long as I convince myself I don’t need to go to Costco just yet (but the list is getting longer by the day) …

I didn’t do so very bad last week as far as using things up and not bringing a whole lot in … except the grass fed beef and bacon I scored at Whole Foods ($4/lb for the beef, $3 per package for the bacon) … and I’ve been keeping track of whats taken out of the freezers and pantry just for kicks. I’m surprised, to be honest, how much we really do use!

So … here’s what I’m aiming for this week:

Sunday – Chicken Parmesan with Pasta – will use the bag of marinara sauce I found in freezer, the lightly breaded Smart Chicken breast in freezer, pasta from pantry and mozzarella cheese from fridge. Will serve with a salad on the side and homemade Olive Garden Dressing

Monday – Evil Jungle Salad – will use leftover noodles (last night), steaks leftover from Saturday night, salad in fridge and will make the homemade dressing. Need to evaluate the mango situation (or have the girlfriend bring one from her tree?)

Tuesday – Taco Salad … this was not made last week AND I ended up tossing the package of ground chicken I had taken out. Uggg. Hate when that happens! Will use the grassfed beef from freezer and the rest of the fixins are in the pantry and fridge.

Wednesday – leftovers or fend for yourself. Although, the kids will most likely both be home, if that’s the case, I will (unfortunately) feel the need to take them out to eat somewhere cheap)

Thursday – Hubby gets in around 10pm (his flight lands at that time) so it will be a late evening. I’m leaning towards a crockpot meal … Ranchy Chicken. Chicken in freezer, balance of ingredients in the pantry. Will offer up a salad on the side. Chances are Hubby will not want to eat but at least I’ll have something ready to offer 😉

Friday – Pizza on the grill. This was not made last Friday as I opted to use frozen pizzas from the freezer.  So, dough in the freezer, balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry.

Saturday – Hubby’s choice…will push him towards the skirt steak in the freezer with some grilled veggies 🙂

What are YOU making this week!

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Week 81 – Using What We Have

  1. July and August are always eat what we've got/pantry challenges as I am not paid/don't work (teacher). Lots getting used up, the grocery list grows longer, space is opening up in the food cabinet, the pantry, the freezer and fridge. Sunday supper: marinated lemon-garlic pork tenderloins, buttered garlic-herb (salt free seasoning) mini Farfalle, fzn broccoli, ossed salad (used up lettuce)choice of banan pudding with some slivered almonds on top or a mixed fruit (apple with a bad spot, a few rhubarb stalks, fzn strawberries, fzn mixed berries) cobbler made with a cake mix and butter.Mon: tuna casserole(shell mac, 3 cans tuna, rest of French fried onion rings, can musrooms, rest of bag fzn peas, last can cr mush soup); cole slawTues: marinated and grilled/broiled BSCB over wacky mac, veg to be determined (CSA share on Mon)Wed-leftovers, dinner for 2 onlyThurs: spaghetti with Crock pot beef (8 oz fzn ground) marinara sauce (add canned puree, home canned tomatoes, onion, spices, rest of red wine, celery, fzn peppers/onions)Fri: ground beef (use fzn 8 oz)-canned pintos/black bean tacos using homemade taco seasoning over soft totrillas, assorted toppings: lettuce (assume in CSA share), tomato, shredded cheese, lite sr cream, home made taco sauce; fzn cornSat: sandwiches: tbd but I am thinking egg salad, as I have a lot of eggs on hand.Bfst: cold cereal/oatmeal/cr wheat; homemade bread (toast) with assorted toppings, eggs and sausage (Mon), yogurt (Greek and low fat vanilla), canned fruit. Homemade baked goods such as breads and muffins to be determined.Lunch: leftovers, sandwiches, pasta dishes, baked bean dishes


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