Frugal Activities #22

I really like doing this post weekly as it keeps me a little more focused and accountable, for the most part ūüôā

This past week, I was so excited to have a real frugal week … after all, Hubby was traveling from Monday to Thursday … I had plenty of food in house to eat and I didn’t have a whole lot planned as I was still on the road to recovery (which I think I can honestly say I am now!) … but then … life interrupted!

Hubby was going to be gone until NEXT THURSDAY! O M G. I must have really been out of it when we were talking about this trip all that time. I thought he was going for 4 days and to think I would have driven to the airport at 10:30pm for nothing … I still can NOT believe that I messed that up! ¬†So … with that … here are a few of the Frugal Activities I did this past week:

1. ¬†Did my own nails … I haven’t been doing them at all and decided to go ahead and give myself a mini-manicure after going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to go pay for a manicure and pedicure. Trust me, I still want to do it but I opted to do it myself.

2. ¬†Prepared all 5 work days of breakfast and lunch instead of going out. Same for dinner for the 6 days … one night me and Princess went to our favorite little pub for dinner … it was a night to spend some time with her.

3. ¬†Invited a girlfriend over for appetizers and drinks on Wednesday night. We haven’t had a whole lot of one on one time in a while so it was good for us. We had delicious Peach Vodka Sea Breezes with what I had on hand … same with the lunch meat, chips (Costco) and homemade salsa.

4.  Paid the water bills, cell phone bill and cable bill online.

5. ¬†Borrowed a book from my boss to read to keep myself occupied … I’m hoping to finish it this weekend, poolside, so he can have it back before he leaves town on Thursday (oh, the same day Hubby comes back, FINALLY).

6.  Avoided buying more beer, opting to use what is already in the garage fridge. Not my favorite but its already here and on hand. Probably good to clear it out of the fridge.

7. ¬†This falls into both categories: went to a new country bar with my girlfriend on Friday night … frugal in that its close to home and it’s reasonably priced, fun dancing and listening to the live band. See why it wasn’t so frugal below.

8. ¬†Drove Hubby’s zippy car all week, getting 40 miles per gallon IN TOWN as opposed to my Tahoe’s 10 miles per gallon (this is enough incentive to make me really focus on selling the Tahoe and applying that money to the principal of the mortgage).

9. ¬†Finally got more of the Pantry organized and will be updating the Pantry/Freezer Inventory page soon. ¬†I think I will keep the inventory open to the general population, just for ‘kicks’ … we have a LOT of food (hence, the push for a pantry challenge!) and we make and consume a lot too … Saturday afternoon there were 8 early 20 year old kids/adults here in the pool … like Princess said, “hey, there are a ton of chips to be eaten!” … was thankful the Boy’s girlfriend bought some yummy mango salsa.

10. ¬†Accepted 5 more fresh mangoes. Now that I’m not sick (YES!) I can process them and freeze …

11. ¬†Noticed that the Naked Juice rang up as $14.97 at Costco. That was not what the sign had said, which is WHY I bought 3 packages … the sign had said $4.97 each. ¬†After going back and forth with the cashier and asking for a price check, he “voided the 3 and said that he could add them back on if the price is what I said. ¬†Took the girl a LONG time to check the price, come to find out, it was a misprint¬†on the shelf and the manager had taken the sign down after hearing several other people complain. Thankfully, Costco is great to their customers and they honored it. Which made me look at the receipt again to see that the cashier added the $45 instead of voiding it … so I paid $15 for the 3 packages and have a credit of $90 to watch for on the AE bill.

12. ¬†Set up the Greentree Servicing online … they suck. I wanted to make a $100 payment on the site to apply as principal only to the mortgage and they wanted to charge me $12. Really?? So I made an online payment through my bank account and will have to wait for the statement to confirm it’s applied to the principal.

And then, of course, some of the NOT so Frugal Activities:

1. ¬†Costco. Yes. I know I’m suppose to be on a 2 week Pantry Challenge … but I needed a few things and THOUGHT Hubby was coming home Thursday so stocked up on veggies and stuff. Ugg. Told the kids we are going to have to eat like little pigs so nothing goes bad. They are fine with that, I’m sure ūüėČ

2.  Ran out of house one morning and left the master bathroom light and fan on all stinkin day. Uggg.

3. ¬†Went out with girlfriend to a local country bar. Should have been inexpensive entertainment, BUT we opted to do a lemon drop shot and a few Baby Guinness’s … tab for the 2 of us for, oh, 4-5 hours (yes, we really closed the place down, both of us were amazed and thankful we switched to water early!) was $93. Them Baby Guinness’s use Cafe Patron and Baileys which can make the cost go way up on the shot.

4.  Ahem. Costco. Again. Uggg. I really think I need to just stay away from there for a while now.

Ok … I need to go finish the top pantry (one shelf left) and then root around for something to eat ūüėČ

Looking forward to sharing this over at The Prudent Homemaker and The Money Propeller!

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1 thought on “Frugal Activities #22

  1. Free mangos?! I am jealous! I spent part of the weekend canning mango salsa. Dicing them up that small takes a short eternity, I am so glad that it is done. The end result is delicious, though.


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