Costco Time #2 in One Week!

I am actually a little embarrassed to even tell every one that yes, I did go to Costco TWICE in one week … I’ve even had to set the kids and friends straight that there were to be no more cracks about it … they were having a little too much fun with it 😉

Ok, let’s get to it and share what I bought …

carton of 5 hour energy (kirkland brand) $34.99 less $7 (I hate these things but Hubby likes them, as much as I keep telling him that they really can’t be good for him)
Kirkland brand laundry pods $16.99 less $3.50 (stopped using Tide about 4 months ago after trying this brand!)
2 gallons whole milk $3.49 each
10 lbs old fashioned oats $7.89
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.89
20 lbs basmati rice (really) $20.99
10 lbs organic brown rice $13.99
Rice Cooker $29.99
20 inch floor fan $34.99
2 bottles of acid reflux (one too many margaritas lately?) $8.49 each
large bottle of Allertec (store brand Zyrtec) $14.99
large package of sponges $12.49 less $2
freezer ziplocs $11.99
EsterC vitamins $11.79
toothbrushes $13.99 less $4
4 pack sunscreen $15.99 less $3
twin pack tin foil $15.99
3 pack qtips $8.99
3 pack of vacuum sealed sour dough bread $7.99
tampons $13.49 less $3
combo pack ziplocs $10.99
olie oil $11.39
10 lbs frozen chicken breast $22.99 (this is cheaper than sale chicken lately)
large tub of roasted garlic hummus $5.99
twin pack pork tenderloin $14.17
2 4lb packages of organic broccoli $6.49 each
beef franks (deli style) $10.99
wedge of medora cheese $12.12
4 lbs (or so?) of italian sausage $13.99
2 containers of mango & peach salsa $5.39 each less $1.40 each
toothpaste (5 pack) $14.99 less $4.50
2 packages of cooked bacon $12.99 each
twin pack of grey poupon $6.99
half and half $2.09
twin package of organic raisins $8.69 less $2
and …
3 packages of Naked Smoothies … the price on shelf said $4.99 but they rang up as $14.49 … when they went to do a price check, the sign was gone as the manager had pulled it down because it was a mislabeled price … but being Costco, they honored it …

Grand total: $594.49 LESS the $85 credit they gave me back (the cashier rang the void up instead of voiding it out so I had 2 $43.47 charges instead of the charges and voids).

Still. Way too much spent at Costco this past week.

I am staying FAR FAR AWAY from all stores this week!

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1 thought on “Costco Time #2 in One Week!

  1. Hi! Love reading your shopping list of stuff from Costco. I stay out of there as much as possible these days. Since it's only my husband and I now (kids all grown up and married), we don't find it necessary to stock up on huge amounts of stuff. I buy dishwasher tablets and a few other things but am considering dropping my membership. I still buy the organic chicken breasts because I think they are a decent price for organic. I like the way they come two in a package (3 packgages in all). Just enough for two people with no waste or left overs. Since you are a pro at \”Costcoing\”, maybe you can give me a few suggestions on what would be a good buy for a household of two? We don't eat any junk food or sodas.


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