Frugal Activities #30 – Very Off Week

I like doing this post every week as I think it keeps me more accountable and makes me thing twice about some things …

This past week was just off. I’ve had feelings of discontentment (not to be mistaken for depression, by any means!) … most likely because Mother Nature decided to come visit after being MIA for a little while … I mean, come ON already, I’m done with this!  So yes, I’ve been crabby, and when I’m crabby, I shop. Oddly enough, I shop for FOOD so I don’t know what to make of that …

So … lets see what we kind of Frugal Activities we did this past week and then move on to the next category …

1.  Prepared and ate 19 of the 21 meals at home. Well, sort of. I did NOT cook one dinner this week. Yeah, I know. I did Menu Plan but just never put anything in to play … we ate leftovers and junk all week long.  I did make my salads every day and my breakfast so that counts for something, doesn’t it?

2.  Slowly making my way through the pantry. See Pantry Inventory page (above) for the progress. Still have the bottom half to do. The freezers have not been touched.

3.  Picked up some boneless chicken thighs at Fresh Market for $2.99 per pound. Using this method, I packaged each individually and stuck in the freezer. I most likely will buy more as they were pretty fresh and clean (not a lot of fatty stuff and cut neat).

4.  Tonight (Saturday) is a girls night out for Chatty’s birthday. I will take her to Greek Islands first for a yummy greek salad and a drink (most likely water for me) and hopefully spend under $30 and then walk across the street to bar hop 4 bars. Fingers crossed the rain stays away as I promised Hubby I would not bring all the girls back to the house. I have cash in my pocket and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Sadly, one of the girls that is coming along is not “fair” or “generous” and does not contribute to a bar tab the way I feel she should. No, it’s not because she doesn’t have the $ but just because she’s cheap (not to be mistaken for Frugal). If drinks are $5 each and she has 3, she will only give $15 and let someone else pick up for the birthday girl and tip. That sort of irritates me so I think I will just pay cash for each round I get.

Surely there is something MORE that I did to be Frugal this week … but apparently not (and well, I warned you I was crabby) …

And then, of course, full disclosure of our NOT so Frugal Activities:

1.  Lunch out on Friday … well, it was ordered in. New York Grilled Cheese … delicious. $10 out of my wallet.

2.  My company shelled out $500.00 to the IT guy to buy more bitcoins to unlock my computer files. Yup, got myself a NASTY VIRUS and I still say it came from Pinterest … spent 5 minutes (first time in weeks at work) and shortly thereafter, all my documents had the google chrome emblem instead of the usual “W” for Word or “E” for Excel. I called the IT guys immediately and they were able to shut down the network before it took over the WHOLE network. It did encrypt some but luckily not more. Thankfully, the scammers have sort of good business practice in that they deliver what they promise after you pay your pretty bitcoins. Uggg. I’ve already resigned myself to most likely paying for this as it’s stupid on my part and personal browsing. Although my IT guy said it most likely came from something OTHER than Pinterest, I still suspect it did. Just be careful out there folks.

3. Winn Dixie on Sunday for $40. Publix on Tuesday for $50. Fresh Market on Thursday for $30. And Whole Foods Saturday for $80. Yup.

4.  Pedicure and Manicure. Why yes, I do want the Deluxe Treatment. $70 with tip.

5.  Eyebrow and lip wax. Not sure WHY it cost $28 this time. Last time (4 weeks ago) it was $20. Maybe because I misunderstood when my appointment was and they penalized me??

6.  Forked out $305 for TWO tickets to see John Mellencamp at Broward Performing Arts Center on March 17, 2015. It’s a big day for us (Hubby Celebration of Life) AND it’s his favorite performer. I believe the money will be well worth it in the end just because. We got some great seats, Opera Balcony Box A. Sweet!

7.  Pizza on Friday night because of Hubby. HE was feeling discontent. 😉 Spent $49 and still have tons leftover (had some for lunch today) … way too expensive, especially when I have pizza dough and stuff in freezer!

That’s all I can come up with. I think it’s more than enough, don’t you?

Looking forward to sharing over at Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker … go check them out!

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1 thought on “Frugal Activities #30 – Very Off Week

  1. Ouchie, those concert tickets are EXPENSIVE!Nice work on eating a lot more of your meals at home, I can totally see the progress over the weeks. I'm sure that's helping the bottom line a lot.


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