Menu Plan Week #90 – Using What We Have

UPDATE – this should have been WEEK #91! I told you it was off week!

Can I be honest?

I didn’t cook dinner one time last week, except for Friday.

Yes, really.

Hubby made the wings and chicken on Sunday night and we ate leftovers and junk food the rest of the week. Yup. It was sh*tty week for me all around, and quite frankly, if you wanted food, fend for yourself!

Oh. And the gym? Ha! Yeah, right. That did NOT happen. Not. One. Single. Time. Good grief.

Fingers crossed this is going to be a much better week …

Here’s what I’m aiming for…

Sunday – Ranchy Chicken with rice and broccoli on the side. Hubby also felt compelled to cook up some pasta and make a crab pasta salad … just because. Fed 8. I had cooked up the stuff on Saturday night and we hung out poolside til 8pm at night and thankfully, we just reheated and ate in the garage during a torrential downpour. Ironically, everything was prepared on Saturday night and eaten this night.

Monday – GYM nightTurkey and spinach wraps … turkey and stuff in fridge, wraps in pantry. Feeding 3 Ended up being just me at 7:30 so I opted for lovely plate of nachos. Yup.

Tuesday – I’d like to try for the gym again, but honestly, I’m taking the day off from work as I need to do the VA with my dad in Miami  … this is going to be a really long day/afternoon as I hate the drive, parking, etc. and I have no idea if they are going to do more than a consultation (glaucoma) … so, really, looking at them Turkey and Spinach Wraps from Monday’s idea … turkey and stuff in fridge, wraps in the pantry. Feeding 3

Wednesday – GYM night … yes, it is! I am going to make the Teriyaki Chicken in the Crockpot and will use thighs as they will be able to handle the whole day in the crockpot.  Will serve with leftover basmati rice and broccoli. Thighs from freezer. Feeding 5

Thursday – Should be a fairly ‘quiet’ day at work with the holiday … fingers crossed anyways! Looking at Chili Cheese Dogs … I’m sure I have a package of hot dogs in the freezer, I know the buns are there too … canned chili from pantry and cheese from fridge. Feeding 6

Friday – Going to leave this up to Hubby as he will be traveling next week … going to remind him we have LOTS of stuff in the freezers 😉 We’ve got friends coming in town so I’m looking at 8 people or so for eating tonight.

Saturday – thinking that me and Hubby needs to go out as he will be gone for 10 days next week (yes, over the weekend again!) … kids and friends will be on their own.

Not a very exciting week planned but hopefully it will be way better than it was last week!  Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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