Frugal Activities #34

Hubby’s back home which means, it was sort of a frugal week ..

I’m doing a different set up this week on the post as I’m a little short on time!

We sold the living room furniture and the dude will come pick it up on Sunday … $400 which isn’t so very bad in the end. I had offered to have the Boy deliver it for “free” (I was going to pay him $50 to do so) but found out Friday that the dude and a friend would pick it up … even better in the end!

Been a real quiet week, busy at work for both Hubby and I … shopped at Whole Foods twice and Publix twice. Spent about $280 between the 4 stops. More than made up for skipping the stores last week ;-(

We are heading out on the boat today and will have a good time, I know. I’m always crabby when we first head out (before we leave the house) because I have SO much to do that I hate giving up my 8 hours for a boat ride … but within 15 minutes of being on the water, all that anger, frustration, whatever it is (sense of responsibilities??!) just fades away … uh huh. It is really good for me to do it … of course, come Saturday night/Sunday morning, everything is STILL there waiting to be dealt with 😉 but that’s ok! I had bought 3 lbs of good lunch meat for this purpose but Hubby NOW wants to cook on the grill while out … so I grabbed a few chicken sausages from the freezer and a package of buns (freezer) to take along. Will also take some frozen grapes, apple treats and a small bag of chips. Using What We Have …

Will empty out the 2 ice makers for the cooler on the boat. This will annoy Hubby but I get even more annoyed that we spend MONEY on ice when we have 2 ice makers (one is a commercial grade so it makes lots of ice) … they should replenish throughout the day, I’d think!

I need to fund my cash envelopes for the balance of the month, including entertainment. Halloween is on a Friday this year and well, I LOVE Halloween! We used to do the Shooter’s Halloween party but I think this year Paul & Young Ron have relocated to Bokampers (still within walking distance) … and that’s where we will be. I need to fund $200 for the next 2 weeks of groceries and $100 for dining out and $100 for entertainment/bar hopping. Those last 2 categories will be saved for Halloween night.

At Whole Foods, I had picked up 12 cups of Stonyfield Greek yogurt as they were on sale for $1 each … I asked the cashier at check out if they were eligible for the case discount (10%) … she said yes, so that knocked each one down to 90 cents each. Not a HUGE difference, but 10 cents is 10 cents at the end of the day!  I need to remember this in the future. One of the girls that lives down the street (a familiar face dog walker) is a manager at that store and I need to remember to pick her brain next time I’m getting my dog fix with her baby 😉

Put $50 worth of gas in the Hemi … gave me almost a full tank (and I was low with the dinging sound and flashing light on the dashboard). Glad to see the gas prices are falling, just wish the premium grade would fall faster!

Ate every meal from home, all 7 breakfast, lunches AND dinners this past week. Believe me, Thursday I was begging Hubby to take me out … good for him for being too tired and not wanting to go. We ate the leftover taco meat that night as I just had no motivation to cook.

I need to get back on the advance food prep on Sunday. It really helps A LOT for dinners during the week.

Got the American Express bill. See the $99 gym charge for the additional training I am NOT using. The guilt factor hit me hard. Add to that the visual I still have of me in the dressing room a few weeks ago and I really need to get my butt in gear and just do the classes. Granted, the one really really hurt me but that’s my own fault for saying I can do it! Yup, you sure can, but not quite at that intensity, not just yet!

Ok, gotta run … need to load up the cooler and get my bikini on … chubby old lady or not, I still sport one, like it or not!

Looking forward to sharing over at Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker! Go check them both out!

1 thought on “Frugal Activities #34

  1. Good call on using your own ice, especially if you have two ice makers. You saved $1.20 on the yogurt, which is pretty sweet for just asking!


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