Menu Plan Monday #97 Using What We Have

I just finished doing a full inventory of the Guest Kitchen freezer and think that maybe this would be a good time for a Pantry / Freezer Challenge? Since we will be gone for Thanksgiving, I think I will do that for the next 3 weeks … there is a LOT of stuff in that one freezer alone!  Besides, we have property taxes coming due at the end of the month, the trip to see family, an overnight stay in Chicago for Hubby’s birthday … this would be a good time to stash some additional funds where I can as there will be a HUGE outlay of cash …

Besides … I found a lot of stuff that surprised me … and of course, inspired my menu plan for the week … Using What We Have!

It was chilly on Sunday so I did a little batch cooking in advance of the week … maybe that way I can hit the gym and not feel like I need to rush home to make dinner for all?

Work wise, I think it’s going to be a little quiet. Perfect timing for getting some of the paper piles out of the way.

Personal stuff … I think it’s going to be a little quiet too! Yeah! I want to try and hit the gym at least once this week (2 times would be nice, 3 times great) and really, should not be any excuses for NOT going …

Hubby is home for the week, but that doesn’t mean that he will be home at a ‘reasonable’ hour to eat with the rest of us, but I still have to include him in on the number of people fed 🙂

Here’s what we are looking to make!

Sunday – Hubby wants to do pan fried chops (freezer) with potatoes. I will push him towards this recipe! I have a 20 pound bag of potatoes to go through! Feeding 3 *Ended up doing a side of sauteed shrooms instead

Monday – Gym for me … Chili Cheese Dogs after I get home (6:30 or 7, not too bad). Hot dogs from freezer and the chili is the last of what was made last week. Cheese in fridge and buns in pantry. Will offer up a bag of frozen fries from freezer if anyone wants. Feeding 5. Yes, I know, this was on the menu last week and we DID eat them too!

Tuesday – Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers. Peppers are in the garage fridge, roast beef in freezer, cheese in fridge and onions are in pantry. I have everything I could possibly need to make this! We used the fresh mushrooms on Sunday night so I will use canned from the pantry. Feeding 4.

Wednesday – Beef and Broccoli in the crock pot with rice on the side. This was made Sunday afternoon in the crock pot and I’m so stinking excited!! Beef and broccoli were from freezer, rice from pantry along with sauce ingredients. Feeding 6 (I think). New recipe that will be posted this week coming up!

Thursday – Hoping for the gym again, grilled cheese and soup. If I’m getting low on regular bread from the pantry, will grab some of the GF from the freezer and either way, will use canned tomato soup from the pantry. Feeding 6.

Friday – Hubby’s choice. Will probably have some friends over dinner and drinks. Will guide Hubby towards the chicken thighs we seem to have an abundance of 😉 along with crashed taters to use up the 20 pounds of taters I have! Feeding 8 to 10.

Saturday – Ahhh…Saturday night. Totally Hubby’s choice and I will stay out of it completely! Hopefully only feeding the 2 of us, but possibly, 4 to 6. I would like to make some burgers so we have leftovers but that might have to wait for Sunday …

What are YOU making this week? If you are in a rut, check out the Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … lots of menu plans are linked up!

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