Stay Focused – The To Do List #2

Stay Focused. That is Hubby’s most famous line … and everyone laughs when he says it to me as generally, it’s because I’ve gotten off task, be it cooking for a group of friends or shopping for food. I DO have a tendency to ‘wander off’ track!  But it’s just funny because he always says “Stay Focused” …

So, I thought, what the heck, let’s Stay Focused and put together our To Do List … yup, I am a list lover, we all know that and nothing is more satisfying than checking off that stuff!!

Here’s what I have on task for the week ahead, which, honestly, a lot from last week did not get done:

Clear out cabinet underneath stove. Obviously, did NOT get around to this last week!
Clean bottom 2 drawers of guest kitchen.
Clean, organized and inventory guest freezer.
Clean master bedroom walk in closet
Clean off dresser (this is my hot spot)
Call Tmobile and rework bill. I need to remind myself every day I put this off is another dollar (or 5) out of my pocket.
Budget for November. We have property taxes due, trip to Chicago and NW Indiana and Thanksgiving. Big month ahead. Seriously need to do this!
Make deposit (3 payroll checks).
Withdraw funding for cash envelopes for next 2 weeks ($300 total).
Pay bills for month (whats available).
Set up funds to be moved from the Orange 360 account to checking account by month end for payment of property taxes. This has been my absolute favorite online, remote savings account.

Open Savings Account with Suntrust. This will be my 4th account I have for savings but the only one with Suntrust. I want to go back to moving my excess funds from my checking account to the savings account throughout the month but yet have easier access to it. My goal is at month end, move all the excess to my 360 savings account. I should be able to move $500 to $800 a month this way instead of letting it mingle with the other money each month (and get spent!)

Food Related:
Menu Plan for week trying to use what we already have on hand. Would like to stay away from grocery store for as long as possible.

Clean guest and main refrigerators out. With 6 people coming and going here, they are really getting messy.

Pantry. Good grief. Could NOT find the baking powder (may have tossed if it was expired). Realized that I have too much stuff and no organization in the bottom.

Clean master bedroom closet STILL. Monday morning, it’s evident I so need to do this as the little white kitten was chasing a smaller rat mouse around my shoes. Uggg. Mousetrap set and better be done when I get home tonight.

Package, box and have the Boy put Halloween stuff away. So soon ;-(
Hit gym TWO times, minimum.
Wake up earlier one morning and walk. The time change means it will be LIGHTER (Yes!) in the mornings!
Evaluate cooler weather clothing (for trip) and make list of what is needed. Ask kids to do the same.

Of course, there are all the usual things that need to be done, laundry, ironing, menu planning, cooking, keeping the house picked up, etc., but these are things that I’d like to stay focused on and get done.

What’s on your To Do List this week??

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