Frugal Activities #40

Happy New Year!  Did you make an stellar resolutions for the new year? How about a new budget??

Me? I didn’t really make any resolutions, so to speak, but I do have a few goals that I’d like to achieve … hopefully I will share them at a later date. Some are personal related, others financial and still others blog related … you know how it is! 😉

First up for the New Year is the Annual Pantry Challenge … started it on Thursday the 1st … let’s see how well we do this year!

So … the last week of the year turned out to be fairly frugal, thankfully!

Here’s some of the Frugal Activities we did:

1.  Stayed out of the grocery stores for the most part. Did stop at Publix and spent $45 … handed out more of the $5 off $30 coupons I had as they were expiring on 12/31 … most people were surprised and pleased I think

2.  Menu Planned … and stayed with it for the most part …

3.  Ate all meals at home with exception of ONE lunch out with Hubby (it’s been a long time since we did lunch together and it was nice)

4.  Did my own nails … not spa quality, but good enough for me

5.  Managed to feed and hydrate New Year’s Eve guests with what we had on hand … love when that happens!

6.  Started a new budget for January and need to tweak it after I take care of item #2 below. This year, I will be adding a medical payment category … I am making an appointment to see a Chiropractor as I’ve been having some serious issues with my neck for over a year now and think maybe they can help me out with that … my co-pay is $60 per visit … yikes!

7.  Hubby and I both agree that we need to update our wills and perhaps look in to starting a trust … it’s been 20+ years since we did our will, things have changed dramatically since that time! Not to mention, the kids are older and we have more assets, hence the thought process of a trust.  I work for attorneys so we can do both fairly inexpensively with a clear conscious (I need to get past the thoughts I have that I’m taking advantage of people when they do something to help me out) …

And, of course, full disclosure of our not so Frugal Activities … 

1.  Realized that my cable bill and cell phone bill payments did NOT go through in the earlier part of December … I attribute this to the Internet going in and out one day and I’m guessing my “pay” command wasn’t picked up … Ugh … no late fees were added but it’s not how I want to start the new year

2.  Credit card bills need to be analyzed still. I need to get online and pull each one to see what the balance is and then figure out a payment plan.

3.  Have NOT used the gym since before we left for Indiana in November. And honestly, do NOT see that happening anytime soon … I’ve got the DVD player all hooked up again and my P90X stuff out to get back on track a little … need to evaluate if I should cancel the membership, yet again. Thankfully I didn’t pay a big sign up fee but still …

What have YOU been doing Frugal lately?

Looking forward to sharing over at the Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker … go check them out!

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Activities #40

  1. Looks like you had a great frugal week. Glad you had a nice lunch with your hubby.


  2. Thanks Vickie… it was nice to do a lunch together … we only work about 2 miles away from each other but both of us are so busy that we can't do it often!


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