Meal Plan #111 – Using What We Have

It’s that time of week again … time to Meal Prep and Meal Plan for the week ahead!

It’s going to be a fairly busy week at work, I think, being the end of the month and a short month at that … and I have a few things I need to take care of to stay on the Frugal living line … primarily, cancel the gym membership AND the extra classes that I’m paying for and NOT taking … total waste of money and so not Frugal … I’ve got tons of work out stuff at the house that I just need to get back in the groove with …

So … last weeks plan was useful in some areas, but mostly not … we did the potato soup because I mad that Monday when I was home … and I used the ground beef to make tacos instead of chili … and everything else, well, real life happened and the menu plan didn’t. We went out to eat on Thursday (me, Hubby, the Boy and his girlfriend) … the rest of the week was salad, tuna salad sandwiches and whatever else anyone could scrounge up. Honestly, I think I skipped a few meals … just being honest!

The Costco trip last week made my refrigerators overflow … in a good way, but it’s annoying when you have to constantly move stuff around to get to what you want … I dislike clutter in any shape or form and I seem to have quite a bit of it lately … I need to get focused on organizing stuff again 😉 I hit up Publix on my way home from work on Friday … picked up $50 of beer and wine and spent another $50 on food stuff … they have their Viva Italian Days special going on right now … great coupons to go with great sales …so yeah, I stocked up on tomato sauce and puree, green shaker parmesan cheese (some in the house prefer that over the real stuff), a few boxes of pasta and then some fairly cheap chicken and beef with the coupons. Of course, I really didn’t NEED the tomato stuff but it is one of those pantry items that can do so many different things … I will be hitting Aldi’s today (before noon time hopefully!) to pick up spinach, shrooms and cucumbers.

Meal Prep for Sunday is steaming broccoli, cauliflower and some carrots for easier meal fill ins. I will also cook the ranch chicken in the crockpot since I’ll be home and it won’t over cook … will clean, slice and cook half the mushrooms for meal fill ins and I need to check the status of the homemade mayo for tuna salads for Hubby’s lunches … and IF I have time, will go ahead and make Monday’s dinner too and just reheat that night … OH … and I also need to swing by Winn Dixie to pick up some whole pork picnic shoulders @ $1.49 per pound … I want to cook those in the crockpot and then freeze the meat … it’s smokey crock time!

Here’s what we are looking to make:

Sunday – Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and garlic rolls … I will make a small spaghetti squash for my pasta (counter, bought a few weeks ago) … chicken in fridge (Publix), spaghetti in pantry, will use jarred marinara sauce (pantry), rolls in freezer. Will also roast some broccoli as I need to be cooking it before it goes bad … Feeding 6 … hoping to say no thanks to the bottle of Santa Margharita in the fridge. Just realized I need to share my spaghetti squash adventure!

Monday – Skillet Chops and Shrooms – new recipe (hope it’s good). Chops in freezer, shrooms picked up at Aldi’s (79 cents per container), spinach from Aldi’s too, everything else from fridge/pantry. Will also roast some broccoli as it’s a fast and easy thing to make … Feeding 3 to 4.

Tuesday – Crockpot Ranch Chicken … cooked on Sunday, just needs to reheat. Will serve with ready made mashed taters (fridge) and loaded and baked cauliflower (fridge) for me (see recipe coming this week!) Chicken from freezer, balance of ingredients from pantry. Feeding 4

Wednesday – Steak Bites. Steak from the freezer and balance of ingredients from fridge/pantry. Will serve with grilled asparagus (if not eaten before then) from fridge. Feeding 6

Thursday – Teriyaki Chicken … another new recipe. Chicken from freezer, balance of ingredients in fridge/pantry … feeding 6

Friday – grillin and chillin hopefully … looking at burgers … beef in freezer and will offer up fries from the freezer.  Most likely feeding 8 to 10. Will need to pick up buns and any appetizers that anyone wants. I will try to stick with a veggie tray 😉

Saturday. Sadly, I have to work from 9 to 12 or so today … not a big deal so to speak, but I’m dreading it 😦 … tonight is Hubby’s choice … Feeding 6 to 8

What are YOU making this week?  I’m looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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