Menu Plan Week 117 – Using What We Have

Oh boy … it’s almost April!! W T F? How did that happen?


April signifies a potential Pantry/Freezer Challenge/Spending Freeze … don’t ask … but Hubby was asking why NOT just a NO BUYING FOOD CHALLENGE?

Well, duh, we still need salad stuff, milk and eggs, for pete’s sake! I’ve told the kids. I’ve told Hubby. I’ve told myself. I have NOT told my friends … but maybe I should/will and see how we do for the month of April? I know it’s Easter coming up but honestly, we like to do non-traditional things (the Boy is picky, the b/f is picky, you know, we have an odd household) … so yeah, I think I WILL go for the NO BUYING FOOD CHALLENGE … Not so much.  Milk? Yes (there would be public outcry, honestly). Produce? Yes. With limitations … I can spend A LOT on produce. Eggs? Hmmm … possibly. We DO go through a lot of eggs around here. Maybe I should buy more than the 5 dozen I just got from target at 99 cents a dozen? We’ll see.

Good news is that I’ve been making sure I buy gift cards at Whole Foods whenever I go … I think I have about $135 – $150 right now … that could be my produce saving grace for the month, you know?  Oh. And of course, I will still buy chicken breast every few Tuesdays for $2.99 at The Fresh Market … well, because it’s the cheapest thing in town lately and a good quality too! That’s one thing I no longer feel the need to buy a ton of as I know it’s going to be $2.99 every Tuesday 😉

Ok … Pantry Challenge/Freezer Challenge/Spending Freeze may be on after all! Stay tuned!

There was zero food prep done this past weekend. I pampered myself by reading poolside for 4 hours Sunday … it’s ok, we have leftovers. AND I plan on sticking to a menu plan for the most part this week! 😉

Here’s what we are looking at:

Sunday – had leftover burgers from Saturday nights festivities … we had 10 people over and it was gorgeous out … so much so, no one wanted the night to end. 2:30am does not sit well with me most days, but this time around I was ok!  Offered up the leftover roasted broccoli too!

Monday – leftover bratwurst from Saturday night festivities.  Made a quick coleslaw to go along side … I really need to find a nice coleslaw recipe that we all like.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … taco meat is leftover from Friday night, rest of ingredients in fridge/pantry already

Wednesday – Pasta dinner … the sauce is from the freezer, noodles in pantry. I have some spaghetti squash that I will cook up in the fridge (I want to try the crock pot version soon!). Hubby can make his yummy bread with the ciabatti rolls from the freezer too!  I am also going to make some green beans too as I have those in the fridge.

Thursday – NOW I will have to cook…it’s the beginning of Pantry Challenge! Did not make the italian beef last week so will do that today in the crockpot. Yeah! Beef from freezer, ciabatti rolls from freezer, balance of ingredients from the pantry. Will make some roasted broccoli since I have some in the fridge to use up (I just realized that I might not have EVER shared this super easy, yummy recipe with you! Gonna have to make it a point!)

Friday – ho hum. Hot dogs? Chili Cheese Dogs sound better so thats what I’m aiming for. Hot dogs in freezer, buns in pantry (leftover from bratwurst over last weekend). Chili and cheese in pantry/fridge. yes, I’m using canned chili, don’t judge.  Will offer up crashed taters or fries if there’s any left in the freezer. As everyone seems to LOVE the roasted broccoli, will make more tonight since I’m sure there’s some left in the fridge, if not, will try the frozen stuff from freezer.

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … will push him towards Sausage and Peppers, however, I may have to buy peppers and onions, but the sausage is in the freezer 😉

Note that I didn’t do the number of people I’m feeding this week cuz I don’t know 🙂 We were pretty consistent with boyfriend or girlfriend being here for dinner certain nights but the kids have started mixing things up for me …

What are YOU making this week??

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week 117 – Using What We Have

  1. I'd say draw an absolute line in the sand and go for the NO grocery spending challenge!Tell yourself you can buy 1 bag of apples, 1 bag of carrots, X gallons of milk and NOTHING ELSE. It's SOOOO easy to justify spending more when you're at the store.


  2. I would agree but know myself and if I say ZERO spending, I will be setting up for failure. I have a budget that I am working on and will share that soon!


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