Menu Plan Week 120 – Using What We Have

The Pantry / Freezer / No Spend Challange is chugging right along for April … there are a few more gaps in the freezers and the pantry is starting to look a little more ‘organized’ … meaning you don’t have to push stuff all over to find what you are looking for … but we have a LONG way to go before I really need to be worried about the food supply …

We entertained a couple of girlfriends (well, really, they were Hubby’s friends originally and then when I met them, they became my girlfriends too … and no, I’m not talking about a swingin’ kind of friendship) that we haven’t spent a whole lot of time with recently and thought it would be nice to just have the 5 of us and the Boy (who likes to hang out with us now, imagine that) on Saturday night … and guess what, EVERYTHING was prepared with what we had on hand … and it was pretty dang impressive, I must say!  Grilled chicken breast (freezer) finished with a bbq glaze (fridge – the magic stuff that Hubby makes), roasted baby potatoes (fridge, from a while ago) and Oriental Cabbage Salad (cole slaw WAS bought this past week, but rest came from pantry/fridge) … and we have leftovers! They arrived with bottles of wine, which thankfully were consumed and none leftover (I have too much wine, I think, since none of here in the house drink it consistently) and I DID pick up beer on the store run this last week. I sucked it up ONE weekend without any edible beer and well, I was having a really crappy week at work, it was Friday and I had a $5 off $50 coupon … so to get to the $50, I “had to buy beer” … end of story.

I’m really wanting to make MORE cabbage salad but need cole slaw AND rice wine vinegar so I’m going to have to wait til May 1st to make it again … fingers crossed that I can keep telling myself to hold off, that I can do it!! I don’t think there is anything I NEED from the grocery store for the week ahead … but there are plenty of things I WANT 😉 …. I’m trying very hard to keep the wants and the needs in line where they belong … not always easy!

Here’s what we are planning for the week ahead:

Sunday – Ranchy Chops in the Crock Pot … the last 5 chops from the freezer, mashed taters are premade in the fridge. Possibly serve up a can (ick) of green beans if green stuff is desired

Monday – Chili … hoping to get this made on Sunday. Beef in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge

There will be NO Corona as I have none in the fridge!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … going to deviate a bit and make Chicken Lettuce Wraps using Turkey (freezer) … I have the lettuce I had picked up at Aldis the week before (NOTE: I keep my produce in the less used refrigerator so it stays a consistent temperature and not subject to condensation of the opening and closing of door … I really think this helps how I can keep some stuff for longer than average) … balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry

I need to take some new pics!

Wednesday – I’ve got a big flank steak in the freezer and one of the girls brought a bottle of homemade chimichurri sauce so I’m thinking of doing this on the grill. Will serve up grilled ciabatti bread (freezer) and baby romaine salad (bought on Friday)

Thursday – Leftover night … I’m tired of dealing with little dribs and drabs come Friday night and Saturday morning so this week, we are back to the clean out the fridge night! If nothing is left to eat, tuna sandwiches/salad for all …

Friday – Damn Fine Chicken with Roasted Broccoli … thighs in freezer, broccoli in freezer (if NOT, I will pick some up on my minimal produce shop tonight) … it’s been awhile since I’ve made this an I’m looking forward to it again!

Saturday – as always, Hubby’s choice … and quite honestly, I’ve no clue what to steer him towards … burgers? Steaks? Pork Tenderloin? We will have to wait and see!!

What are YOU making this week?  Check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Party

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