Non Toxic Mosquito Spray

Let’s face it, living in Paradise does have a few drawbacks with the #1 complaint being … BUGS.

Yeah, bugs.  Mostly mosquitoes that can just ruin an evening of relaxation on the patio … those pesky little guys can really do a number on you quickly!  Heaven forbid if you are one of those who are very sensitive to the bites (the Boy), you will have welts in no time.

So Hubby always decides to spray AFTER everyone starts swatting the air and scratching. We have to gather up our drinks and appetizers, go indoors and wait for 20 minutes or so for the toxic fog to flat away … only to be swatting and scratching AGAIN in 30 minutes.

After seeing THIS tip a few too many times, I figured, what the heck, $5 at Walmart is worth it to try, right?

Guess what? 

It seems to work!!!  I need to do a few more nights to say for certain but I say it’s WAY better than that can of toxic stuff … and cheaper to boot!

You must use the ORIGINAL flavor, and yes, it needs to be Listerine … if you try another brand (store?), let me know how it works, will you?

Grab yourself a squirt bottle (I pick mine up at the dollar store when I see them … I give them a squirt against my cheek in the store to make sure the sprayer part really works) and fill it up with the mouth wash. Oh, what the heck, while you are at it, take a swig of the stuff and rinse well. Remind yourself THEN why they now make a cool minty flavored rinse! 😉

Set the sprayer to be half between stream and mist … you want to be able to get a little distance when you squirt. Squirt all around the perimeter of where you will be chilling out, make sure to spray in the corners, and under chairs and tables since mosquitoes like to lay low.  

Grab yourself a cocktail or other beverage, pull up a chair and start chatting. Marvel at the fact that not ONCE have the little bloodsuckers attacked you or your guest. 

And the smell? WAY better than the foggy stuff 😉

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