Menu Plan Monday Week 128 – Using What We Have

Ahem … did you notice that I sort of skipped out on the Menu Plan last week?

Well, I DID have one and it was sort of ready to post but I just couldn’t finalize it in a timely manner after my incident on Saturday night (uhm, Big Toe, meet All Clad Fry Pan lid) … I was just out of it for a few days there, it really shook me up and caused quite a bit of discomfort. Happily, a week later, I’m able to wear sneakers for a little bit and I can walk almost normal (I even did a whopping mile walk this morning) but there is still pain, oozing and a little bleeding so I need to be careful.

Anyway. Lesson learned and the cabinet has been cleaned out and organized so THAT doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

All things considering, we didn’t starve to death nor did we make any horrible eating choices. Although, we did go out one night and blew $100 on a mediocre meal (3 of us with cocktails, of course) … so I think I’m going to make sure THAT doesn’t happen again 😉 I think Hubby just felt bad for me at the end of the day!

I did a little meal prep this weekend, most importantly, made mayo and a killer ranch dressing, both grain and dairy free and the ranch dressing was a HUGE hit with the dairy allergen kid in the house … need to make sure I post both of those soon as you are missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried it. The mayo was an experiment to see if it’s as good as my main squeeze recipe which requires triceps muscle and patience …. I liked it, most others did too but Hubby said he prefers my usual recipe … it came together in LESS THAN A MINUTE … hello??

I’m trying really hard to eat more healthier AND save money … uhm, I still have not posted the Costco trip from 10 days ago, have I?

Ok … lets see what we have planned for this week, shall we?

Sunday – left over burgers and dogs from Saturday night. Not leftover as in re-heat but lets finishing cooking the stuff already! I also served up some tater tots and Veggies Straight Up. Only thing from freezer was the beef (Hubby wanted his Nueskes dogs so he went and picked them up at the butcher shop) … the veggies were from my Friday night Whole Food (routine) stop and the buns and tots were from Publix and Aldis which I shopped at both places on Saturday.

Monday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad – chicken from freezer (I’m worried that this may be the last of the b/s chicken breast I have) … salad stuff in fridge, tomatoes on counter (Costco last week, on their last legs!) and bacon in freezer. Actually …. I rethought this and have opted to marinate and cook the chicken the same way but serve it with green beans since I have some in the fridge that need to be cooked up 😉

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – really want to try this Short Rib Taco Recipe … we shall see, I have the meat in the freezer … otherwise it will be ordinary ground beef (freezer) and all the fixins are in pantry and fridge. I will most likely have mine as a lettuce wrap with the butter lettuce I have a ton of (Costco and Aldis)

Wednesday – 4 Way Chili – chili from freezer, pasta in pantry (I will use spiralized zucchini, it’s pretty tasty like this), cheese and onion from the freezer and fridge … not sure if this is worthy of a recipe post or not?

Thursday – One Pot Chicken Thighs and Asparagus Tips … it’s a recipe that I pulled from Instagram a while ago that I’ve never gotten around to trying … better late than never and since I got a GREAT deal on asparagus ($1.99/lb at the little produce store) I need to make this now! Thighs in the freezer.

Friday – Flat Bread Pizzas … will hopefully make myself a Margarhita Frittata now that I got more eggs 😉 the bread is in the freezer along with some cheese and the balance of ingredients are in the pantry and counter top … if the tomatoes don’t last that long, will stop and pick some up

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, may lean towards some nice steaks from the freezer (Ribeyes) …

What are YOU looking to make this week?

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday party … go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday Week 128 – Using What We Have

  1. Your plan looks great! I have yet to try the spiralized veggies – I need to do that!


  2. Great job planning! I love when you can use what you have , It's definitely a budget saver tip I've used myself!


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