Menu Plan Week #143 – Using What We Have

Soooo….Thursday morning, I got upset, threw down the kitchen towel and said TODAY IS THE DAY …

Whole30, that is.

I’ve not quite relayed that exact message to the family but they certainly know something is up.

Saturday, I woke up at 6am, STARVING, but no where near ready to wake up … so I grabbed a Honey Crisp Apple and sat in the guest room watching the sky change colors … Kitten was sweet enough to join me while I chomped away on the apple. Just for the record, cats don’t care for apples 😉

So after the apple and a glass of water, I went back to bed … it’s been a rough week. FINALLY rolled out of bed around 10:30 or so and made myself some real breakfast. But man, the headache I had … which continued all through the day and night … even with Advil and tons of water. I’m thinking it’s the coffee/cream/sugar/beer withdrawal.  Seriously, so bad, I could only hang out with the kids poolside for about 45 minutes, as much as I wanted to get some sun that day … oh well.

So … without the family KNOWING exactly whats going on (it’s a mute point since I prepare 90% of the meals), here’s what I’m aiming for:

Sunday – sliders – picked up at WF Friday, grass fed … served them over sweet potato rounds (Aldis) with some sliced avocado (Aldis) and Roma tomatoes (Aldis). I offered up a little salad on the side too and yes, the lettuce was from Aldis as well! I need to do a post on the sweet potatoes as they were pretty tasty! FYI … Hubby used buns as he’s not quite on this kick yet.

Monday – 4 Way Chili … chili was made on Friday night and I’m excited for this meal! Fingers crossed the day isn’t as bad as it looks at this time!

I will skip the cheese this time and probably add some sliced avocado

Tuesday – Smokey Crock of Pork … I’m offering up over cabbage, not quite coleslaw and for those who insist, bbq sauce and buns

Wednesday – Fingers crossed that all is going well as I want to make some Chinese this night … General Tso and a new to me recipe, Un-Rolled Egg Rolls … if all goes well, I’ll share!

Thursday – changing things up this week as the Boy wants to make something special for his girl, so it’s Taco Thursday ….

Friday – Chicago Style Hot Dogs … I have a new technique that I want to try for myself 😉 … I’ll keep you posted! Obviously, mine will not have a bun or that funky green relish ;-(

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, but will steer him towards some of the Tbones steaks in the freezer!

What are you cooking this week? And … I gotta ask, have any of you done this Whole30 before and if so, how did it go? I’m on Day 4 and uhm, finally, at 6pm, the headache and stomach ache has gone away … quite certain it was from insufficient food intake the past few days as I fell asleep last night before dinner was ready (Hubby was making chops on the grill) and then I slept for 2 hours this afternoon … WTF??

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

1 thought on “Menu Plan Week #143 – Using What We Have

  1. I just read the book. Personally, I think it's too extreme. Sorta like Paleo or Atkins. But, I'm sure it's a great detox diet. I'm all for all things in moderation!!!


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