Happy New Year!!

I can’t believe that it’s 2016! Seriously?

A lot of things will be going on this year:

1.  I’m starting another round of Whole30 today! Would love if Hubby would follow along but no promises there! If you want to follow along or just need some inspiration, go check out the new blog just for Whole30!

2.  We will most likely be putting the house on the market and buy something smaller.  We have a ton of equity and the property is worth a LOT … we are going to sell, put 50% of that proceeds in to our retirement account and buy something with the other 50% … I know, I’m making it sound easy but I’m totally confident in this?  We have been looking, casually and there are a few things that surprised us (some stuff is outrageously priced) but as it’s still a sellers market right now, I’d like to sell first and then, if necessary, rent short term til we find something we really like.

3.  I’m hoping for a career change. Still working for the same boys, but hopefully a different industry. Real estate and lending have undergone some drastic government regulations that just make it a miserable industry to be in right now and I’m done. Remember, last year I gave them a two years notice of my termination. I’m down to one year now.

4.  Hubby is making a career change, whether he likes it or not. He was notified on the 30th that the company was “changing course” and his services were no longer needed. Whatever. I’m thrilled. I disliked the people he worked for and his health and mental state have taken a bigger hit than I like. He’s still mourning the loss of the job but that will pass. I think it’s time for him to do his own thing, and fully support whatever he chooses to do.

5.  And with #4, it’s time to go back in to my frugal mode.  We’ve decided that with the upcoming move (hopefully sooner than later), we need to eat down all this food we have in this house … even while on the Whole30 … so it’s perfect to do a Pantry Challenge of sorts, right? Although, there are some great meat sales right now, I’m holding out as I have a lot of meat … so Pantry Challenge is in for January … and NO I did not go to the store today. Make sure you check back Sunday for the Grocery Cart Sunday post!  I’d like to stick with produce, and produce only… lets see how that works out!

6.  I’m looking to improve my health. Meaning that I need to get a little more active. As soon as Hubby told me he was out of a job, I hopped online and bought him a $116 year membership with the local YouFit … I had picked one up for the Boy for Birthday/Christmas and this is perfect for Hubby. He’s excited to be going back to the gym now that he won’t be working til 8pm 4 of the 5 week nights each week. I’m excited too.  I didn’t get myself a gym membership, BUT I’ve decided I will start using the Boy’s weight set that we have in the old bedroom of Princess. Yup, Whole30 and exercise!

7.  I was doing good with saving $600 a month automatically but will need to scale that back to $400 I think til we get a better grip on the new finance system. The $600 did make me feel cash poor as in my bank account was not fat and happy like it normally is (meaning I had money in that account should something come up out of the blue). I will revise the withdrawal schedule in February as the Pantry Challenge will offset a little bit of the income loss.

8.  I’m not a big coupon person any more. I do use coupons for the things like laundry soap, dish soap, etc. IF they are there. What I am looking to do is start shopping ONCE a week (if not every other week – after January PC/Whole30 is done) at Walmart and do the Savings Catcher and, I believe, Price Match.  I’ve read several places that both are still in place and can be used together.  I want to try it tomorrow (Friday) with the Albertson’s special of 3 avocados for $1. Produce. Pantry Challenge. Whole30. Score!

9.  Declutter.  Clutter, or just the fact that I (not we) have a lot of shit stuff.  I need to start clearing things out once and for all. As we will be moving to a smaller house, I really need to focus on that. 😉 I need to get back in to my Take 10 cleaning spells as those were pretty productive!

10.  Be kinder to others. I’m a nice person, for the most part. BUT I will be honest, some days I just think everyone around me is dumb, and dumber. That’s not nice 😉  I just need to remember that everyone reacts well to kindness and not snarkyness 😉 Right?

Of course, I have the usual blog goals, you know, blog more consistently with good, readable content, etc. but I’m not even going to add that to the list of things … afterall, 10 things are pretty ambitious on their own, don’t you think?

What about you? What are you looking forward to in the New Year?

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Walmart Savings Catcher doesn't match produce any more. It stopped a while ago, I think they were losing too much. Also where on earth is there Albertsons in Florida. I'm originally from Oregon and thought I'd left them all behind.


  2. Ahhh…thanks for the heads up on the produce … crumb! There is an OLD Albertson's in Fort Lauderdale/Oakland Park at the corner of Commercial Blvd. and Dixie Highway … it's my LEAST favorite store to go to as it's old and just dirty feeling 😦


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