Week 158 Menu Plan – Whole 30 and Using What We Have

Hi Hi! First menu up for 2016!!

So … we’ve got a Pantry Challenge AND Whole30 underway … AND back to a single income household again … the challenges will just be lining up this month it looks like!  That’s ok, I’m ready for it, bring IT ON!

First up: Pantry Challenge.  Aiming to only buy produce stuff. Well, and eggs too. Gotta have eggs 😉 … figuring around $30 to $40 a week but not going to sweat the monetary amount as much as the actual items that are bought.  Reason being, besides saving money, is to eliminate some of the stockpiled stuff we have on hand so that when we are finally ready to sell and move, I won’t have all this food to relocate.

Second: Whole30. Does this need explaining? I may have overindulged a bit for the holidays.

There may have been a few cookies there too ;-( All that adds up to major inflammation in the hands, bad skin, bad attitude, and yes, bad weight gain. New Year. New Me.
Third: Single income household. Hubby was let go on the 30th from his company. Its ok, mentally and physically, and I think financially too, but truth be told, no one likes to lose their job, you know? He was wanting to hold out til April and then give his notice … but at least this way, he won, in a way as he will get a 3 month package which puts us to March … the insurance factor is whats a little petrifying, to be honest. Will need to start asking those around me who are self employed what they are using … if any of you have advise/recommendations/suggestions, please let me know!
So, there you have it! Happy New Year!! 
Sunday had a little meal prep going on: boiled a dozen eggs, made tuna salad, made mayo, grilled up some extra chicken and cleaned out the fridge. Oh, and I made some cold brewed tea for Hubby and made some green tea for myself.  Also made a batch of fresh salsa with some roma tomatoes I had sitting on the counter … 
Here’s what we are looking at for the week ahead:
Sunday – Burgers on the grill with baked tater wedges.  I will have my burger wrapped up nice and neat in a couple of lettuce leaves and look forward to trying out the sugar free ketchup that came in my Tessemae box!  The taters were quartered, tossed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and then roasted at 400 degrees til crispy 
Monday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad. Didn’t make this Friday and well, I’m making it tonight!
Well. Apparently Hubby has become the designated cook and made chili and hotdogs to make chili cheese dogs. Needless to say, I will be eating chili (picking out the beans) and dogs, without the cheese and bun! 😉 It’s ok … the kids are all here and he’s happy to be cooking!
Tuesday – to keep peace in the house, Taco Tuesday …. I will bring out one of my sacred bags of riced cauliflower and make a taco bowl for myself, and Hubby if he’s interested 😉 Also, made fresh salsa on Sunday so will have that too with avocados (somehow, I don’t think the boy will make me guacamole this time!)
Wednesday – 4 Way Chili … fingers crossed the zucchini makes it this long! I will have mine with spiralized zucchini, chili, diced onions and mashed avocado 😉
Thursday – Shallot Chicken … really, ONION chicken … I really need to get around to sharing this! Will also offer up steamed broccoli on the side if anyone would like (making in the rice cooker for an easy cook and clean up)
Friday – it’s Friday and the first week is DOWN for Whole30 … time to celebrate!  Bone in Chicken Thighs on the grill baby!  I’d love to make cracklin chicken but not sure if Hubby will be up for that!  As this is generally adult beverage night, I will make sure to have some lime Lacroix on hand with a few wedges of lime to make it feel like a big girl drink!
Need to find another sale soon!
Saturday – going to see if Hubby wants to try the Instant Pot again! I have some short ribs in the freezer that I’d like to try … 
What are YOU making this week??
Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday Party … go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Week 158 Menu Plan – Whole 30 and Using What We Have

  1. Stopping by from Menu Plan Monday, good idea making your boiled eggs and mayo in advance. Looks like some yummy eating this week. Good for you sticking to Whole 30. I have Rheumatoid arthritis so am trying food trials to see how it impacts pain. Now it's gluten free month.


  2. Prepping a little in advance is a must if you want to stay on track! Good luck with the gluten free … I'd love to hear how your RA responds!


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