Menu Plan Week 172 – Paleo / Whole30 Style Using What We Have

Hey, hey, here we are again … time to plan out that menu and get your meal prep going!

Can you believe it, the 2nd week of April … the Tax Man is knocking on the back door very soon here (did anyone else have a disappointing return to file???) AND we are on the home stretch to Cinco De Mayo!!! That’s also my birthday which generally, I’m not a big “birthday girl” but I am a BIG Cinco De Mayo girl!!  I’m going to try and stay very very focused on my food and drinking habits for the next few weeks … saw a picture of myself in a swimsuit and was like WHOA who is THAT?? Uhm, yeah, that was ME.Whoops! And then I stepped on the scale and said, Oh Hell NO we are not going there!  So. With that …. it’s time to get my act together since we all know life does not get any easier as we get older (uhm, hello 52!)

So! How about you? Anything new going on in your life? Moving? Children in and out? Planning out your summer plans? Budgeting? All that good stuff? Me too! The house sale stuff is moving forward … we had 4 viewings over the past week since Hubby’s been home … and TWO of the Realtors were floored when they heard it was my house and promptly re-walked the whole house with notes and came up with quite a few buyers that it might be suitable for. This is a strange story, but the short part is that the one realtor was going through some personal stuff during a rather difficult closing with our office and I, once I heard what was going on with her personally, offered what I thought was just a bit of kindness and understanding. I had no idea that it made such a big impact on her that she remembers it 4 years later. I do believe in Karma and I guess this is just proof that random acts of kindness are good for your soul.  Anyway … she almost had Hubby in tears telling him the story, and it certainly brought tears to my eyes when I remembered the situation. So, whatever else you do today, remember, what you do TODAY will have consequences TOMORROW!

I made up 2 pounds of green beans, roasted some broccoli (on the grill, Hubby didn’t want me to stink up the house!), made a batch of cilantro lime rice, a batch of mayo and cooked a dozen eggs for my meal prep on the week ahead. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot, does it? Certainly LOOKS like a lot!  Hubby wanted to take it upon himself to grind up my roast and the NY strip steaks from last week Walmart trip to make fresh ground beef for burgers, I battled with him on that and won … thankfully! I realize I need to learn to share 😉

We had beautiful weather here and we enjoyed some pool time both Saturday and Sunday because who knows how many weekends we have at this place which really IS Paradise!

Ok, here’s what we are looking at for the week ahead:

Pizza … yes, really, Pizza … had a houseful of hungry people 😉  $33 plus tip later and well, we were stuffed … thankfully no one had beer or soda, just LaCroix and regular water!

Chicken Night … looks like the Chicken and Asparagus that wasn’t made last week is making an appearance THIS week 😉 Again, will offer up a side salad with some yummy Lemon Balsamic Vinegar to lightly dress it (fyi … last week’s menu plan was hit and miss … not sure why!)

Taco Tuesday, Surprise!  Will serve mine with all the fixins over some Lime Cilantro Riced Cauliflower and have a lime LaCroix on the rocks in a margarita glass just because 😉

Pizza (not really) night!  The Boy and Hubby can grab a frozen pizza out of the freezer if they’d like, but I want to try this Grain Free Pizza Bowl recipe I have here that I’ve still not tried!

Asian Night!  Looking forward to trying a new Cashew Chicken Recipe that is Paleo friendly without spreading the word to Hubby 😉  I’m also thinking of making a fried “rice” with some of the riced cauliflower, green beans, shredded carrots and maybe egg?

Thinking of friends and family this evening so most likely burgers and dogs … will need to pick up both and hopefully someone somewhere will have this stuff on sale!  Will suggest chips and dips and for those who want to be like me, veggies and ranch dip will be offered … and of course, LaCroix in my coozie … just because 😉

*God Bless Saturday!* Hubby’s choice … I’d like to think chicken or something but it’s truly up to him!

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … go check it out!

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