Menu Plan Week 178 – Using What We Have – Paleo Inspired

Did you see yesterday’s Grocery Cart Sunday post? Oops … that was a lot of money out for not a very good amount of food, don’t you agree? And to make matters WORSE is that Memorial Day is THIS WEEKEND and well, I need to carefully consider what we are going to do and cook now! $136 for what should have been a simple stop at the store for breakfast foods (to take on the boat) and sandwich material (to take on the boat) … and I sooooo over bought which is half my problem!

To make matters worse, for the first time in my whole life, I was seasick. O M G that made for a very long 7 hours … I was fine for the first 2 hours and then I just felt like poo. Seriously, like poo. And the boat is open with no enclosed cabin and not a whole lot of shade. Had we not been so far out (10 miles?) I would have begged Hubby to take me back to shore, that’s how bad it was.  When we got home, I jumped in the pool to cool myself down and then went and tossed my cookies FINALLY!  Put dry clothes on, fell face down in bed and then slept for 14 hours. Whoa. Missed the big shrimp, crab and venison tenderloin dinner my sister in law and friend made 😦 Was so bummed but I just couldn’t do it! Needless to say, I will be buying some motion sickness pills to keep on the boat bag as we don’t have any … going to also look in to the bracelets they have on the market now. I’ve never experienced this before and hope to not do so again! Hubby still thinks I might have had a bug as I’m still not on top of my game 100% today but at least I’m able to function. What the heck!?

So … with that out of the way, lets talk about menu planning and prep work, shall we? 

I did NO prep work on Sunday. I was doing laundry, cleaning the house, watching TV, blogging, hanging out with my guests before they left at 1pm … and just chillin for the most part. I am realizing though that I do need to get back on a schedule with housecleaning and such … even though Hubby does the cleaning (sweeping/vacuuming/mopping) and he did clean the windows this past week (38 total!) I still need to dust, declutter and such. I’ve slacked off a little on the decluttering mode and need to get myself back in to minimize the move when it finally comes around (soon, please, soon, someone, make a decent offer on our house!)


Here’s what we got planned for the week ahead:

We are still recovering from the weekend shenanigans so leftovers/sandwiches/whatever

I’m going to break out the Instant Pot and make myself a roast from the freezer with some taters and carrots on top of it all … if it’s worthy, I’ll be sharing!

Meatless Tacos … this will make the Boy happy 😉 I’ve got that head of cabbage in the fridge from last weeks shop so this will give me some incentive to get shredding!  I will most likely just have a large salad myself

I believe the Boy is planning to be out this evening so time to bring out the shrimp! Bangin Good Shrimp, coming up!

Chicken night … thinking of some That Damn Fine Chicken to be honest as I’ve got that package of bone in skin on that I picked up last week (we never got around to the Cracklin Chicken, boo)

It’s Friday and the holiday weekend so I’m going to let Hubby decide. I’d say maybe burgers or dogs on the grill since I know we are planning for ribs this weekend 😉

Hubby’s choice again! I really do not know what to suggest for this evening!

What are YOU planning for the week ahead?  Hop over to Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party to check out others!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT
 … go check them out!
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