Chili Cheese Dogs

Here’s What’s For Dinner!

*So scratch THIS specifically for the evening! Hubby has decided to replace the brakes on the Jeep we picked up a few weeks ago … that means NO FUN FOOD while he’s doing that! A menu plan is GREAT and all buy you need to have flexibility … so we will be having leftovers!*

I always forget how easy these are to make and the fact that the majority of the family is pretty happy with them … heck, anything with lots of cheese, gooey and even better, they make a great patio meal.

Sadly, as my kids have grown up to be adults (24 and 26) they have changed their eating habits … the Boy is vegetarian and the girl is pregnant. That means nothing sounds good to her. Ugh. Whatever. Hubby and I still enjoy these occasionally and they are on the menu this week!

I’m thinking someday I’m going to give these a try on the grill instead of the oven … somehow I just KNOW that it will work perfectly!

So go ahead, give yourself a break and make something simple that will make the family happy!

1 package of hot dogs. Any type will do
1 can of no bean chili (yes, I would like to say that I don’t use this stuff, but heck, some days, convenience pays off. This week? I made chili on Sunday for this and the 4-Way Chili!)
1 bag of cheddar cheese, shredded
1 package of hot dog buns

Now that you have the difficult list of ingredients down, lets get cooking!

Steam/fry/grill hot dogs until cooked. I’ve used my bamboo steamer, my grill press pan, the Panini press, skillet with water and the grill … whatever you choose will be just fine! BUT, please, please, please, never, ever, ever EVER boil your dogs. I grew up on boiled hot dogs and hated hot dogs for YEARS until I learned all the other options to cooking them. Sad, I know!

UIKEYINPUTUPARROWHeat the chili on low heat.

If you want to keep clean up to a minimum, line a baking dish with tin foil. Place buns in large baking dish. Open each one up a bit and put the dog in … push down as you will need room on top.

Top each dog with some chili (as little or as much as you’d like) and then liberally spread each with cheese.

Toast under broiler until the cheese is melted and bubbly. If desired, you can top with onions, tomatoes, peppers, whatever, before serving.

Scoop out with a large spatula or spoon as they will be really gooey but oh so dang good! Enjoy!

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