Costco Time

Hubby flew out to Indiana Saturday morning.

At 6am.

Ahem. That’s early. We woke up at 4:47 and seriously FLEW out the door. Thankfully it was raining hard so no Lance Armstrong Wannabe’s or joggers on the road … and we live somewhat close to the airport.


So what else is there to do when Hubby flies out? Hit up Costco, of course! Honestly, it  was NOT my idea, but the Boy … and not to mention, his sister, her husband, and the BABY are here (aka my princess, her hubby and baby N!) so why not!

Emergen-C Costco
90 of these for $19.99

Question: Does Costco only carry Huggies diapers? No Pampers?? Hmmm …

Anyway.  I had a list in my handy-dandy book of Wonderful Ideas … but just for the record, a list does NO GOOD if you don’t refer to it.

Wild Wonders Gourmet Medley
Caprese Salad coming soon!

Here’s what we got:

bag of frozen organic blend berries $10.49
2 Dr. Praeger veggie burgers $10.99 less $3 each (boy)
2 boxes of those Caveman Bars $17.99 each
3 large containers of Greek Yogurt $5.79 each (boy)
bag of frozen chicken wontons $11.99 less $3
bag of organic frozen cherries $10.79
90 count of EmergenC $19.99
twin pack of peanut butter $9.99 (boy)
twin pk of oatmeal (plain oats) $7.99
15 pk Bai juicy juice $19.99
Gatorade $15.99 (boy)
3 pk of Power Cakes waffle/pancake mix $11.99 (boy)

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes

bananas $1.39
36 count eggs $3.59
tomato medley mix $6.49
gazillon count of baby wipes $19.99
Coffee Variety Pack $33.99

Keurig Hot KCup Pod Variety Pack

bottled water $5.99
large bag of Vegistraws $5.99 (boy)

Garden Veggie Straws

15 lbs taters $6.69
large bag of spinach $5.99 (boy)
4 pk italian sausage $13.99
2 large bottle knock off Mucinex $10.99 less $2 (boy has congestion and Hubby needs to avoid)
container of fresh shred parmesan cheese $12.89
twin pack (3 pounds) mexi blend cheese $7.69
ground sirloin patties $19.99
10 pounds chicken wings $23.99

Wings made in the Instant Pot and finished in the oven … recipe coming soon!

2 pounds french cut green beans (!) $4.99

New World Farms Fine French Beans

2 3 pound bags of fresh broccoli florets $4.99 each

Taylor Farms Broccoli

18 count hard boiled eggs $8.99
container of veggie bites $9.99 less $2.50 (boy)
100 count party pack paper plates/napkins $12.99 (pretty, sucked me in)
2 2 pks of italian bread (sandwich bread) $3.79 (boy)

Grand total? A lot more than planned! $419.35. EEK.

So. There’s some BIG things going on in this household. Hubby hasn’t been feeling that great for quite some time and never really shared with me just how bad it was. Come to find out, he has Esophageal Cancer and it has spread to his stomach and some distant lymph nodes. This is not good, in any type of situation, of course, and quite a shock to both of us. It all started on 1/15/18 and has gone full speed ahead. We are now waiting to book a 2nd opinion/evaluation at MD Anderson in Houston. Yes, that’s a long way from home BUT hopefully they will have a better treatment plan than the current offering of chemo every 2 weeks for 3 days each time for the rest of his life.

Funny how life works, isn’t it? We just welcomed a baby boy to the family on 12/29/17, 3 weeks premature and then this happens.

My plan is to eat as healthy as possible to support Hubby, to hopefully find things that he is able to swallow and tolerate to keep HIM healthier. All prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

forward to sharing with some of these 
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10 thoughts on “Costco Time

  1. I did a Costco run over the weekend, and lightened my wallet by $300 – uggh! For me, Costco is a monthly shop as it's about 45 minutes away. I try to avoid taking a Teen with me, as my bill tends to increase by at least $50. I do love Costco, though.


  2. Congrats on the baby! You and your hubs will be in my prayers.


  3. I hope your husband gets the treatment he needs and feels better:) Thank you for sharing with FF


  4. Praying for your family. Congratulations on the new baby.


  5. Sending all my best to your hubby! He needs to kick cancer's butt! You take care of yourself too, because he will need you in tip top shape.


  6. Thank you Cheryl … yes, I need to get myself better mentally and physically now that I know the chemo treatments can be a little trying on him 😦


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