Money Monday

Hi! Been a little while and even though I’m a little more focused on the other site, I still want to keep Frugal in Florida and keep it more focused on money, saving and being intentionally frugal.

Hence …

Money Monday!

My little frugal tip for the week?? Fix it yourself!

We had an issue with the front loader giving off a funky smell. I’m very conscientious to leave the door open a little bit to keep it from getting that mildew smell that the old front loaders are famous for so I knew it wasn’t from that!

I’m also very picky and make certain that after I take a load of laundry out, I pull that rubber gasket down in the opening and make sure there isn’t a stray sock or other undergarment in there blocking the drain holes.  Been there, done that!

What I did NOT know is that there is a 2nd filter that needs to be cleaned out periodically! Sad because we’ve had this washer for TEN years!

First thing you have to do is UNPLUG THE WASHER and then pull the front kick plate off. There are 3 screws on the bottom, remove those and pull the plate down and off.

Right there in front, you will see this little opaque/white thing with a screw top. Go ahead and unscrew the lid and pull the filter out.  Uhm, be careful, we had a ton of water in there, in addition to some random items. In our case, we had 3 quarters, 2 dimes, a nickel, a few wire ties (end pieces that were cut off) AND a rubber earring thingy.


So clean that filter out and put it back on, tighten the cap and put the kickplate back on.


Here’s the dude that I watched and then instructed Hubby how to do it!

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