Chicken Marsala Ragout

We had a quick weekend getaway at a local hotel and when we got home that Sunday afternoon, we were exhausted … that’s what happens when you live a normal life and then cram as much fun stuff as you can in a mere 72 hours. Oh, and add that we are in our 50’s and we were pretending we were in our 30’s.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach
Like, honestly, NO FILTER


The boy picked us up. We came home, unpacked and put everything back in it’s place. *That’s the key to a clean house, you know?* Then we plopped our worn out butts on the couch and flipped to the food channel. Oh, did I mention that Hubby had been gone for 3 weeks and was only home for 2 days before we whisked off for our beach vacation? Yeah, he’s plumb tuckered out!

Chicken Marsala

Ok, back to this. Trisha Yearwood was on … and the thing that got Hubby was the chicken thighs.

See, I’ve got a kick ass Chicken Marsala recipe already! It’s a keeper …. but man, crappy pictures 🙂 and it’s also one of those meals that are best when you “plate” the food …

BUT this one was a little different in a few ways: chicken thighs, and chopped up. Oh, that’s a great idea!

Marsala Wine

Of course, I wanted to skipped the pasta because I just don’t do pasta all that often but it was Saturday when I finally made this and I was all over it … I’m glad I did!

Here’s how we did it:

6 chicken thighs, boneless, skinless. This is from that bag I picked up from Trader Joe’s

2 containers of ordinary white mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

2 tbs avocado oil (ok, you can use olive if that’s all you have)

Small onion, chopped fine

3 tbs or so of flour OR arrowroot if you don’t do grains

1 clove garlic, minced (or just a small scoop of the prechopped stuff)

1 cup Marsala wine. PLEASE buy a regular bottle NOT the stuff in the cooking aisle. It’s full of sodium and will just ruin this dish

1 cup chicken broth

Chopped fresh parsley

Grated Parmesan cheese

Ready? Ready!

*Crank up some music while you’re at it …
might as well get a little dancing in while cooking!*

Heat half the oil in a large skillet. Pat the chicken dry with a paper towel and add to the pan. Lightly season with salt and pepper.  sauté on both sides til golden brown. It will NOT be cooked through yet. TIP: Your meat will brown when it’s dry … when it’s wet it will not get that sear!

Remove the chicken to a tray and add the rest of the oil and toss in your shrooms with a little salt.  Cook until liquid is evaporated, giving an occasional stir.

Add in the onions,  and cook til translucent. Toss in your garlic and sprinkle the flour/arrowroot over the veggies, stir for about a minute.


Pour in the wine and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add the chicken broth and chicken to the pan, throw a lid on and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.


Remove chicken from pan (again!) and turn up the heat on the skillet to bring the sauce to a boil and reduce til thickened.  Shredded that chicken up (not super shredded, just chunky) and add back to pan.

Serve with pasta of choice or in my case, I opted to go with regular spaghetti this time and it was perfect! Top with some fresh parmesan cheese shreds and parsley (fresh if you have!) … enjoy!


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