Frugal Friday Tip #2

When times are good and your wallet is fat, it’s easy to forget about the frugal things you do on a day to day basis that made that wallet fatter and the times better.

I’ve decided to remind myself of things that I do, or need to re-focus on doing since I seem to have been on a wave lately with extreme frugalness one month and extreme spending the next. Yes. It’s true. 
I figure that if I try to practice these tips consistently and then a few things I need to get back on track, the wallet will certainly get fatter again, right?
Half the battle is recognizing a weak spot!

So here you go, Frugal Tip #2:

Sign up for Digit and let the little robots scoop money out of your account without you even missing it. Honestly. 
I’ve been signed up for about a month now and I have $79.00 now. When I hit $100 I will sweep that money over to one of my Orange 360 Capital One accounts … probably the one that I never touch … *Update 6/25/15 – I moved the $100.00 on 6/18 and look, I’m already up to $43.47 again*
So, seriously. I was a little skeptical of doing this … I mean, heck, I don’t like people having access to my account so easily but it’s proven to be safe AND they are pretty adamant about keeping it safe.  
Go here to check out some of the common questions and answers. And then sign up!  Yes, that’s my referral link and YES, if you sign up, I get a $5 bonus … just letting you know! But then YOU can do the same thing! 🙂

From what I’ve noticed myself, it would seem the more your account goes up and down, the more withdrawals they will take … one day it was $3.00, then another it was $15.98 … yeah, it’s a lot some days but hey, so far it’s not affecting my mental status too much 😉

Total Savings Since Joining Digit
Total Savings Transfers
Average Savings Transfer
Average Days Between Transfers

Ok. So maybe you aren’t ready to do that whole thing just yet. You can continue to save your change. You can save your dollar bills, or if you are more adventurous, save you fivers … that’s hard but man does it add up. Basically, everything that you buy that cost under $10 is going to cost you $10 at the end of the day after saving that $5, you know? It certainly made me rethink my buying for a while there (that’s what helped me get pass the drive through stage I was having at lunch time … that $4 meal was paid for with a $10 and it really ended up costing $9 since the $5 went in a jar and the single dollar bill went back in my wallet. 

Or, they say if you don’t even see the money, you won’t miss it. That’s why I have my Capital One 360 account take $60 every Monday morning. It’s come in handy for stuff like payment of taxes, insurances, etc. I like that I can’t pull up to an ATM and withdraw the funds … so I really have to need it and be ready to wait for up to 5 days to have the funds deposited in my account. This really IS a savings account for me 😉
I’m excited about this Digit program though. At first, not a whole lot was happening, but then I had bills paid, deposits made and a few debit card transactions and I think what it might do is watch your spending pattern and sweep a few dollars here, a few cents there … and it adds up fast! Almost as fast as that drive through lunch did! 
What about you? How do YOU save and what works best for you? I’d love to hear as I’m constantly struggling with MORE ways to save funds in an account.

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