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Hey hey … it’s JULY!!! Can you believe it’s the 7th month of the year already? Eek!

Being a single income household has started to sink it and the reality of the bills still being the same has really started to sink in the past few weeks. I think it happened while Hubby was away for 2 1/2 weeks and I was in control of all things related to the household. I did good shopping wise, and only ate out with the boy a few times, all those times were basically frugal, oh, except that La Bamba night (damn margaritas!) … BUT Hubby and I certainly need to sit down soon and discuss finances.

We were NOT overly worried about reducing our income. We WERE over confident that the house would sell quick … it hasn’t. Let’s face it $1,000,000+ houses don’t sell over night, no matter how great they are … sadly. We had hoped that the house would sell quickly, we’d bank half the proceeds of the sale and buy something half the size of what we currently have and not have a mortgage. With buying a house half the size, everything else would be less, the electric, number of cable tv boxes, and so on … But here we are, 2 years in on MY income (and little withdrawals from our investment accounts) and the bills are still the same for the house (mortgage payment included) and well, it’s starting to create a tad bit of stress. I’m to the point where I want to tell Hubby to knock the price down to a cool million and just be done. If we eliminate the realtor (sorry Bill) we would also reduce the commission to be paid. Hubby is really wanting that extra $100,000 though (which would include the 6% commission) but I’m like, let’s be done with this and move on with our life!

There IS a purpose to that paragraph … we have another NO SPEND WEEK ahead of us … even with the 4th of July on Tuesday … it is what it is! While Hubby was gone, I didn’t go to the store for over 10 days at one point. Then when he was coming home that Wednesday evening, I stopped at Publix and spent $70 … I do need to pick up burger and hot dog buns, tomatoes  and a few other odds and ends but that’s IT … $20 tops …

Oh. And I did not get a whole lot of meal prep done this week as I just wasn’t feeling it …

Saturday – Chicken thighs (freezer) on the grill with some ciabatta toast (freezer) and a black bean, corn and tomato salad (all from canned stuff in the pantry)

Sunday – Cobb Salad – lettuce from fridge, lunch meat was from Publix the other night, cheese, bacon and hard boiled eggs from Costco haul and I’ll make the honey mustard dressing … only thing I won’t have is blue cheese crumbles or avocados … but it’s ok, we will make do with what we have!

Monday – Club Sandwiches – it’s been a long time since I’ve had a turkey club, so there we are … bread from pantry, turkey lunchmeat from Publix, lettuce and tomatoes in fridge. I will make a batch of mayo (why not?) and bacon is in the freezer. I’ll offer up some chips on the side (pantry, if they are still there)

Tuesday – burgers (freezer) and dogs (freezer) … will also open up a can of baked beans and doctor them up (pantry) and make a small batch of coleslaw (fridge)

Wednesday – Italian Beef (freezer) in the crock pot … hubby can use the italian bread from freezer for his sandwiches

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – Pizza night – pizza crust from freezer (Trader Joe’s), sauce in pantry (Trader Joe’s) pepperoni in fridge (Trader Joe’s) cheese (freezer, Walmart) and I’ll make a green salad with an italian vinaigrette to go alongside. I may just make me a small batch of chicken pizza instead to try and stay grain free … we’ll see

Low Carb Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

What are YOU making this week?

*Ok, I know some of you are asking yourself if I’m eating all that stuff the way I post it … meaning grains … it really depends on how I’m feeling that day. As I’m typing this up on Sunday, the answer is NO as my hands and wrist are really inflamed right now. So where you see “sandwiches” I’ll have mine as a lettuce wrap and on the pizza night, if it’s still an issue, I’ll just pull out a few chicken breast OR maybe just use the Wraps from the freezer (Seista ones were picked up awhile ago at Whole Foods for $6.99 each and I’m real stingy with them!)

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan

  1. Just even having a plan is helpful, but meals made ahead definitely help.


  2. Yes, its a huge help!


  3. Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner Party!


  4. thank you for offering some alternative ideas to what we have been serving. come see us at


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